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July 13, 2013

How to Identify a Military Fake

How to identify a military fake in a blog, where to begin? This is the story of Cody Sutton of Talladega Alabama, who dropped into SOFREP as one “GySgt. Joseph Preston of 1st Recon Battalion” and tried to con and receive accolades from unsuspecting SOFREP followers. From here on out, I will be referring to Cody as the “Troll”.

Some highlights from Troll’s commenting history on SOFREP

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About the Author

is poised to publish the first book detailing experiences of Marine special operators in Afghanistan. And unlike career writers who drop into an outpost for a quick embed, Golembesky was there, as a member of Marine Special Operations Team 8222 during one of its hardest deployments. He plans to tell the team’s story through the words of the operators on the ground. The working title is “Level Zero Heroes.”

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  • Redbeard254

    Excluding the fact that lying about service in the US military (let alone SOF) to begin with is deplorable. I don't see how someone could possibly have the gall to hop on an SOF community information/forum site and mouth off about things like that. One would imagine that if you are (pretending) to be something you are not, you'd at least have the sense not to do so TO people who actually were. I have watched Don Shipley's Phony Navy Seal of the Week for a long time now, usually every time he comes out with a new one, and I have to say the stupidity of these individuals never ceases to astound me. Honestly it's equally as sad when people do/did serve in the past but weren't proud of the career they chose so they decide to lie about what they did. I remember during my first deployment back in 06' during my R and R I was on the plane headed home sitting behind one of the cooks in my BTN who didn't know I was sitting behind him apparently...and he was mouthing off to some guy about how he was an "11 bang-bang" and has been in x amount of fire fights and blah blah blah, so on and so forth. I didn't think it was necessary at the time to call him out in front of everyone, but I did pull him to the side after the flight and ask him why it was that I didn't remember our cooks conducting ops with us outside the wire. He apologized for what he said and asked me not to tell his NCO's, which I didn't, but I could see in his face every time we saw each other from that day to when I left that unit that he was ashamed of what he'd said. I personally think cooks are great, and I told him that day that he should be proud of what he was doing. The sad thing is though that a lot of people who are violating the Stolen Valor act now are doing so in order to take things away from vets who actually did those things and deserve better than to be impersonated. People who are claiming to be Navy Seals, Rangers, MARSOC, SF, etc, in order to take benefits and charities away from those who deserve them...never thought I'd see the day that it was on the level it is today.

  • MickeyTheHead

    I must either be stupid or lucky.  I don't think I've ever really encountered a fake, except for a DB interrogator that used to tell people he jumped at FT Bragg even though he wasn't Airborne and that he was a jump master.  He ended up being shipped out to teach AIT in AZ I think.

  • EricWilliamFoster

    Damn I just read through the post and a handful of the comments on here and it is crazy how many people have had experiences with fakes.  If you want to talk about your military experience you should join, serve and you'll likely jeep it to yourself because you have nothing to prove IMO.

  • MR151

    Hey Ski, Just wanted to drop ya a line here & say I watched the NatGeo Eyewitness War episode last night called Out Of Ammo with you & your teammates in Daneh Pasab(?). Again it was great to see you & the others in action. But you being a SOFREP guy, I feel like you're someone I know, so watching that on the tube was cool. All the episodes I've seen so far of Eyewitness War and Battleground Afghanistan have been good. Thanks again for your service.

  • justagrunt

    I read a lot of on line news and blogs sites and never leave comments. To do so would usually be to only reiterate what has been said many times already. However the subject of posers always chaps my ass. I will give a slight amount of mercy to someone who may have served but embellish upon their deeds, to a small degree. At least they had the sack to take an oath and serve but flat out imposters who want to invent some alter ego and pretend to be what they are not is disgusting. What is more disturbing is the fact that this does not really bother the general public at large. If it did the state of Connecticut would not have elected the fake Vietnam vet Richard Blumenthal to the US senate.