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July 14, 2013

Vengeance At The Mace

Three weeks ago, I wrote an article about the brave last stand of a unit of Polish soldiers near the town of Wizna in the opening days of World War II. The story you are about to read is another little known testimony to the toughness and resolve of that country’s fighting men, perhaps the most underrated ally to contribute to final victory over Nazi Germany and who, for three days in August, found another one of its units outnumbered and facing overwhelming odds.

It begins with the last of the Polish 1st Armored division being offloaded into the Normandy area on August 1st. This unit, commanded by General Stanislaw, was mainly comprised of Poles who previously fought in France before being driven out by the Germans in 1940. Like the other allied soldiers forced from the continent, they yearned for the day to strike back. When the 1st Armored was formed at Duns, Scotland in February 1942, the men immediately set about honing themselves into a fine edge with a zeal that perhaps was only rivaled by one other country’s homesick warriors. France. Along with them, Poles became part of new brigades or divisions, which combined into larger corps-sized outfits. In the case of the 1st Armored, it formed part of the 1st Polish Corps as its only division, the rest being made up of regiment and brigades.

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  • YankeePapa  .................................Re Poland's assistance to the U.S. in the War on Terror YP

  • big_hatdance

    KineticFury Txazz aezino Ryshart I love the scene from Patton where he surveys an ancient battlefield... then says "I was there"

  • MikeyMannBlaster

    On the other hand, Willie America sat out the first three years of WW1 and WW2, Canada manned up from the get-go and stood watch while America went to the beach and ball games. To put it in perspective, Canada delivered an 800,000 level VOLUNTEER army . . . The equivalent of the USA fielding an 8 million man volunteer army. Just saying. Excellent allies. When you have Canadian troops on your flank, your flank is solid. Like having Marines on your flank. Not fancy, just solid.

  • Minou_Demimonde

    What a fabulous story. We need to remember these men, just as we need to remember our own heroes. What an amazing gift this is that you have given us. And, frankly, that last line gave me shivers. And that doesn't happen very easily.

  • MikeyMannBlaster

    There is a most excellent museum there. You should really stop in if you are in the area. The view of the Cauldron is amazing. Oh to be a FOO.