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October 6, 2012

The Russian Gulag And A Phony SEAL Charity

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On today’s show –

Brandon sits down with the infamous Navy SEAL “Drago.” Jailed in Russia for standing up for freedom, once freed he immigrated to the U.S. and went through US Navy SEAL training at the age of 30.

You’ll get a sneak peak into Drago’s past and also hear about his dealings with the phony charity

It’s no surprise that  gets the unanimous throat punch of the week award.

We’ve also got listener Q&A

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  • Jamesdknox

    I wish more people born here would have the same love of our country tha Drago has for the US. People need to listen to guys like him because he knows what it's like to live in a govt that controls everything!

  • Taikei

    "Customers are always wrong and I have to kill them" My business doesn't involve killing but will refine it to my motto. My favorite quote of 2012.

  • Patrick Duffy

    Fantastic Show,Sadly I think I was taken by these pricks a few yrs ago.I would like that little Bitch Grahm Ware to Become a valued "Customer" of Drago. Love the SOFREP Web site and Radio show,Thanks for the Great content.

  • Huge Fan

    "If you're a Team Guy, you can just walk through the door and grab a beer..." What a gem!

  • Huge Fan

    Awesome another Polish connection! Dziekuje SOFREP!