November 3, 2012

Daren Sorenson F15E Pilot Talks CAS And The Benghazi Attack

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On today’s show -

Special guest Daren Sorenson, a 18 yr Air Force Veteran and F15E pilot.  Don’t miss this interview as Daren shares his perspective on CAS regarding the Benghazi attack!

Later, Brandon and I get danger close to mother nature and you’ll also hear the rest of the shenanigans that happened over the weekend.

Mail Buoy is in full effect.


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  • Chairborne Commandos

    Hit me up via SOFREP or Chairborne Commandos comms. I'm game.

  • Whitten

    Hey Quin, I was on the fence about making this offer but seeing as how you are now an F22 believer I thought I might ask if you would like a few pics of Fledgeling and freshly painted Raptors to take a look. I live near Marietta, GA and happen to run around an SLR from time to time (make it a point to drive past Dobbins) anytime I am out. I have a few quick stories about literally growing up seeing this plane so it has a very large place in my heart. If you are interested give me a shout, Michael

  • matt rader

    Never realized it was that hard to call in CAS. Another great one! Keep them coming! By the way Quin and Brandon the stories of Thai food and Bears never get old.

  • Muskrat

    Always read the fine print! That story had me dying! I've been in similar situations and the only thing you want to do is wipe your a$$ with a sno-cone, so I feel for you.

  • Old PH2

    Now THAT's Funny! This song kinda makes me think of the experience, it starts all kinda cool and funky then rips your guts out! Tokyo Sex Destruction great band from Spain!