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January 16, 2013

SHOT Show Debrief Day One

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Shot Show Debrief Day One

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  • MrCharles13

    Did anyone watch Lone Target on Discovery last night.  It is a series with a former Seal and two camera men attempting to evade some specific foreign troops or police that are normally anti-terrorist and or anti-drug units. Last night it was a Philippine Anti-Terrorist unit and the hunt occurred in the jungles of the Philippines.   The Seal was caught a short distance from his ex-fil location, which normally doesn't happen. What was worth noting, and this is not a put down on the Seal, but the jungle kicked his ass and was the main reason he never made it to the pickup point.  As I watched him fighting with the jungle, I remembered something that was taught to me over 40 years ago when I hit the jungles in Vietnam as a 11B. The Squad Sgt. told me this and I quote, "Son, the jungle has been here long before you got here and it will be here long after you leave, so don't fight it!" Later when I volunteered for a Long Range Patrol Unit and we were using Chou Hoi's as our scouts, I added "Just Go with the flow!" The point being that even some of the best fighting men in the world can be defeated by the environment in which they have to operate. Unless they have the time to adapt to and maybe even train in the environment of their expected mission, they already have a one strike against them before they hit the ground.  With SOF that is probably not possible in a lot of instances, because one day they're at their assigned post in the US and 24 hours later they're on a C17 or faster aircraft, headed out on a mission.   I guess the moral of the story is that if you are in a SOF Unit, you have to train everyday you're not on a mission, because you must stay in top physical and mental condition so that you are not the weak link in the chain called A Team.   Charlie Mike

  • Stafford Long

    Did you guys not post a picture of the medical kit behind the driver's seat? Fucking hysterical.

  • Trango

    Aahhh, the Vegas/SHOT Show hang over. Staying out until 0500 only to have a meeting, on the show floor, at 0800. Good times...kinda... Great show guys. BW I too really appreciate you sharing your story about Castor. Especially as someone who's looking for a family/protection dog. Gave me a little better idea on what kind of dog I want. Sorry you had to give him up but I'm glad to hear he's with a PD. Everyone keep up the great work.

  • Daylon Royal

    Hell of a show guy's! Especailey considering the trama you were going through! Bail money needed yet? LOL

  • Stormy

    Great show...felt like I was hanging out with the guys. HEY, who took my rum & coke???