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April 10, 2013

The Clean Up Shot

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On today’s show we it’s Quin and BWebb talking all things SOFREP. You’ll hear about the upcoming publishing deals, the planned trip to Poland to hang out with the Grom and much more.

Later on the program it’s listener Q&A and drunk dialing with fans.

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  • Chairborne Commandos

    Black door or back door...ha ha

  • Old PH2

    Work on that porn 'Stache once your in character the voice falls in place. My girl friend that worked at the "Back Door Lounge" in Va Beach taught me that not all strippers are sleazy. Just 90%! HA!

  • minou

    No. I like you unsleazy. You're funny and witty all by yourself. Not to mention far more classy.

  • Chairborne Commandos

    it's the best I got. I am sure with more live calls there will be plenty of time to practice up!

  • minou

    I once knew a guy, who dated a roommate. He was an announcer for a strip club. He was very, very sleazy. Ew.