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May 17, 2013

And The Hits Just Keep On Comin’

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On today’s show BWebb sits down with fan favorite Drago to discuss their latest Gram Ware encounter.

Later, Brandon and Drago talk more in depth about the latest Polish GROM visit and you’ll get an update on Benghazi.

We also have mail buoy and listener Q&A

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  • daniel trejo

    @dp454SO it's sail by awolnation

  • dp454SO

    Good show as usual guys. God forbid my path ever crosses Ware's... will happily stomp a mudhole in that booger eater. OT: What is the hot tune played around 48:30? Hooyah!

  • daniel trejo

    Posting Drago personal info online??! F'd up!! This dude needs a real life throat punch over n over again!

  • Cervantes

    But Honestly BWebb, Bill Maher? Please just consider what you're doing citing him as a guy you like who we need to understand is "just a comedian".. I believe you that he's a nice guy but when you say you're separating yourself from the political aspects of things, then you tell us Bill Maher is a good guy.. I know the guy is supposed to be funny, but it's not just his shtick. He says what he believes. It's the only respectable thing about him. Stewart and Colbert aren't as militant in their Liberalism as Bill Maher. Don't go down that road and start getting wrapped up in the game.

  • Cervantes

    This shit has gone on too long.. Something has to be done to shut this piece of shit up when he places people's families in danger. Go to the Atty General of Arizona's facebook page and demand Gram Ware be investigated/ put in fucking jail. Lower than a maggot: Gram Ware. Oh and the show was great, Drago's the man, and keep it up.