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June 8, 2013

Another Kind Of Dirty War

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On today’s show, Brandon sits down with Mike Ritland to discuss the latest happenings in the SOF community. Topics include: Former Navy SEAL Chris Beck (now Kristin Beck), Jesse Ventura suing Chris Kyle’s widow Taya, Chris’s new book, and Dirty Wars (the movie) written by Brandon’s friend Jeremy Scahill.

Later we get a surprise call from Kyle Doyle, driver for the monster truck Bigfoot! Kyle is huge patriot and also sent us some great pictures of his high-speed “military style” racing helmet! Pretty cool!

And just when you think it couldn’t get any better…check out the 600cc liter-eater doing work sporting the SOFREP hand grenade sticker! That’s sic…

Resources Mentioned:

Dirty Wars The Movie

The Photos!








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  • Patrick Duffy

    Always Great Stuff,SOFREP Radio/Quin/Chief Webb do outstanding work.

  • ColonelProp

    That was a great show, Mike Ritland simply crushed it. The euro caller was interesting, guess he did not watch/read any press right after we went into Iraq....and the media has been completely AWOL on Benghazi/Arab Winter/Egypt etc

  • Sean Spoonts

    I did, by voicemail to your phone number last week. You replied that it was a solid copy via email. Are we still good?

  • Chairborne Commandos

    Hey try the cell phone or audio device again. It could be a fluke. Sgt. Slaughter needs some competition!

  • Chairborne Commandos

    It's possible... We were talking about Castor and what can I say, I miss that guy.