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February 21, 2012

Iranian Scientists Need to Stop Fantasizing and Start Paying Attention. Or They Will Wind Up Dead.

Imagine you’re sitting in the grid-locked streets of Tehran just trying to get home so you can bang your wife (oh wait, are they allowed to do that in Iran?). As your penis fills with blood from all the naughty thoughts, you hear the slight thud of rare earth magnets adhering to your vehicle door.

At that moment a motorcycle passes by, but you never notice, because motorcyclists driving between cars in high-traffic areas is the norm. You look around and think, maybe the motorcyclist’s knee hit my door? Maybe the thud came from the car next to me, jeez, can that guy stick his finger any further up his nose? Then your thoughts default back to normal, like most men, to what’s really important – doggy style or reverse cowboy tonight? Then you explode. I mean your car explodes.

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  • katgirl231

     @Old PH2 pleeze don't tell her I told you this one (because I basically like Persians), if you lift your knee halfway up and grab it aggressively on the hamstring muscle - that is wayyy nasty.  I know how to say chingasa su madre (but worse) in Arabic too - but I think I'll keep that one to myself - beyond rude.

  • Old PH2

     @katgirl231 My wife's cousins moved with mom & dad to Germany in the mid to late 80's.  They were absolutely hysteric over the thumbs up cultural miscue!!!  I'm still very careful about showing the soles of my feet to her family as well as using the thumbs up!!  Very funny insight!  


     @katgirl231  @Tango9 It's fine Kat, you can post URLs. We don't allow spam is all.

  • katgirl231

     @LauraWalkerKC  oh duh - I need to not just see a question in the email and hit reply. sigh.

  • katgirl231

     @atAisoLibrary POL here means "Pattern of Life."  It is a crucial part of planning an assassination, kidnapping, home invasion (for an attack or to gather intel or plant intel devices).  It takes a long time, must be meticulous and invisible.  It is also one of the key things to look out for if you are a possible victim.  I understand your confusion, there are soo many acronyms out there.  Three letter license plates often carry unintentional meanings.  The other military use is "Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants."