August 11, 2013

War Stories: Watching Tom and Jerry In Iraq

Before I explain what in the hell I was doing watching cartoons in a war zone, I should probably explain something first.

For those of you who don’t know, or simply haven’t been paying attention, the primary element that makes Army Special Forces (aka Green Berets) different from the rest of the SOF world is our ability to make friends and build armies from those friends. If you didn’t know that, don’t worry! The average civilian typically thinks a ‘Green Beret’ is some lesser known Prince song that was on the top 40 list in the 80’s.

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About the Author

is a former Army Special Forces soldier who spent time at 1st Special Forces Group and 20th Special Forces Group between 2004 and 2008. He currently works with the Green Beret Foundation, a non-profit charity focused on supporting wounded and killed Special Forces soldiers and their families. Blake is currently pursuing a bachelors degree in general studies... you know, just to get it over with. Twitter: @bmiles84

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  • POL_WOJ that's my fav cartoon from time, when i was young :-)

  • ParkerUSN

    Tom and Jerry = Army SOF future SOP's? Yea I can see that! Great Story Blake. Thanks

  • Minou_Demimonde

    That's delightful, Blake. And an important reminder that sometimes bonding with other human beings has nothing to do with language. I am also glad to hear something good about the Iraqi soldiers that you served with. You hear so much bad about them, and frankly, there is a lot of bad to tell. But you had some that were well worth knowing and that makes a difference. Thank you.

  • MR151

    ColonelProp Oh yeah, I remember that! :) But where I lived it was on in the afternoon every weekday & I'd watch it when I came home from school.

  • ColonelProp

    OK - always up for a geekfest...Loved Bugs Bunny, Wily Coyote, Marvin the Martian absolute favorite was Battle of the Planets....Early anime in the US, used to get up at 0430 on Saturdays to watch before running around all day like a hamster on crack....