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August 17, 2013

Kerry Patton Author of Contracted II: America’s Terror Trackers

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Kerry Patton is an internationally recognized security, terrorism, and intelligence professional. He has taught domestic and international organizations in counter-terrorism, intelligence, and physical security related issues. He has briefed some of the highest government officials ranging from ambassadors to members of Congress and Pentagon staff.

Kerry has served his country honorably throughout South America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe, fulfilling human intelligence and physical security operations. He has conducted risk management programs on critical assets, carried out tactical surveys on more than five hundred international airfields and energy platforms, and provided support for the protection of Afghan President Karzai.

While operating in some of today’s most classified U.S. government programs, Kerry has interviewed (outside of interrogations) terrorists and former terrorists within multiple groups, which include Hezb Islami Gullbidine, Taliban, Maoist rebels, and the Palestinian Liberation Organization. He operated in and outside of Afghanistan from 2001 through late 2008. His knowledge of Afghanistan has been shared through numerous speaking venues from radio talk shows, academic conferences, and law enforcement seminars, to non-public government engagements.

Kerry serves as the Vice President of Training and Public Relations for the Emerald Society of the Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. He currently teaches counter-terrorism, intelligence, and protection management courses for Henley-Putnam University.

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  • kleonard91

    Any reason why the new podcasts haven't been posted up here? Or why Quin isn't on the new ones? Still great content just frazzled me a bit is all

  • MerkMan

    What would 18Limas have been, and if there were to be any specialty added to Special Forces what would it be

  • Jaycel Adkins

    Old PH2 Just read it, pretty good stuff. Glad to see the conversation on that subject is getting an authentic voice in Kerry.

  • Old PH2

    Very much appreciate Kerry's blog on Manly Transformation.  Need more men like him.  I can't emphasize that more.  Be a man, raise your children, be a MAN.

  • 1tyme

    Great piece. Deconfliction is key when doing operations in law enforcement. We use a few clearinghouses here in Southern California that work to prevent any blue on blue tragedies. Unfortunately, this process gets overlooked sometimes. If having two LE agencies independently working a search warrant or surveillance in plain clothes with 870's, M4's and pistols is dangerous, I couldn't imagine these same circumstances overseas with military-grade weapons and artillery. Scary...