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October 10, 2013

Where The Drones Sleep FOB Niger: Conclusion

Niger’s president, Mahamadou Issoufou, is looking for some serious help. He’s governing what he calls a “dirt poor” country with ruthless bandits, terrorists, and smugglers overwhelming his northern and eastern parts of the country. In addition, a famine is already affecting 15 million of his citizenry, and will reach critical mass in a matter of months.

Mr. Issoufou is looking. He sees the potential and salvation his country would benefit from in the ever-present stream of potential foreign investors willing to drop massive amounts of money into his very own government’s starving budget. Petrolin, Shell, and Maersk all are chomping at the bit to develop the Niger Delta and further, but there’s a security problem, a fundamentalist problem.

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About the Author

A freelance journalist based on the West Coast. Veteran of U.S. Army Special Forces. He researches and reports on West Africa, North African, and Horn of Africa Terror Networks & News. Ministry of Ungentlemenly Warfare Member, Humanist, and Former Armed Anthropologist that longs of what was, The American Dream. Veteran of 82nd, 173rd, RTB, & "The Legion" 5th Special Forces Group (A/1/5 CCIF). Twitter: @M1k351x.

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  • Waterborne

    Good series Derek, very well written... I supported the drone program when I thought it would be to complement and support the soldier and the soldiers mission, not to replace the soldier... Less they be used in places that we would never even think of sending our soldiers. For reasons that could never be justified... And here we are. In the end though, the drones are merely tools of men. I tend to focus more on the policy than the vehicle of the policy. But unlike the inherent restraints put upon beurocrates when using troops, drones demand none. And therefore can be used for all sorts of meheam. Regardless of the innocent civilian collateral damage. Especially when they know its an American drone, it becomes even more of an issue, imo. I very much agree with you there, is this really what we americans want to be doing? And for what, more campaign contributions from the chamber of commerce?? The GWOT has certainly become a disgrace, with missions and priorities such as these... I agree. Good Piece!

  • M1k351x

    erinmcunningham SOFREP You should I mean you like smugglers and bandits! It all in there...A Mos Eisley reference as well

  • erinmcunningham

    M1k351x SOFREP hey thanks! will take a look.

  • clluelo

    M1k351x e book Derek?

  • Josezn

    Great piece Derek. Had to quote your ending of article. Powerfull words that show the effectiveness and power of the "pale rider" "The impact is flawless, as the equal parts of Newtons Law, chemical, and technological reactions take place and the birth of kinetic death is brought forth unto its victims. The blast radius expands, creating overpressure and releasing metal, wood and flesh from its otherwise normal spots, and turns them into projectiles for further destruction."