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November 10, 2013

JW GROM Member Awarded the US Meritorious Service Medal

During his stay in Poland, US Secretary of State John Kerry paid a visit to the Łask Polish Airforce Base on Nov 5, 2013. There he had the chance to inspect the F16 squadron that is stationed at the base but also had a chance to honour one of the best Polish soldiers.

For his service in Afghanistan, LTC Wojciech Bagan of Military Unit 2305, otherwise known as JW GROM, was awarded the US Meritorious Service Medal. During his deployment to Afghanistan, LTC Bagan led a Task Force of selected JW GROM operators known as ISAF SOF TF 49. Under his command, the unit conducted numerous successful operations, including hostage rescue, capture of several Taliban commanders, uncovering a suicide bomb ambulance plot, and neutralization of weapon caches and IED factories. These operations were conducted between March and August of 2011.

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About the Author

is a Poland-based firearms instructor and security consultant. A proud member of the Tactical Beard Owners Club, Sergei graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University with a BA in Information Science (Social Media and Open-Source Intelligence), and from The Higher Banking School with an MA in Management Psychology (War on Terror as part of Political Marketing in the US after 9/11). Currently leading a quiet life as Polish Army reservist, Sergei's main fields of study include: Psychology in Propaganda, Information Security, Open-Source Intelligence, Information Analysis, Conflicts in the Caucasus.

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  • Tyson Goll



    Sharp uniform too.

  • JohnChristopher1

    I noticed that, too. On the occasions I worked with Polish LE, they were very gracious in acknowledging the contributions of not only their support staff, but ours as well.

  • decktechonthe1047

    Thank you, Sergei, for another informative article.  It's good to see those that work hard being rewarded for  their labor.  Especially since the post mentioned operations such as hostage rescue, and capture of HVT's.    Not to take away from the ceremony celebrating the achievements of  LTC Wojciech Bagan, but I think it's good policy for Commander COL Piotr Gąsał to recognize the contributions of others involved.

  • WojciechGawel

    Gratulacje Wojtek! :-)