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February 5, 2014

Interview With A Former Spy. Safe Havens: Shadow Masters

I met J.T. Patten, author of Safe Havens: Shadow Masters, in the heart of Washington D.C. after speaking at a conference on Human, Social, Culture, and Behavioral (HSCB) aspects of irregular warfare. During the time, he was working under a contract for a unique intelligence organization and he was seeking insight about possible initiatives his organization and I could potentially collaborate.

I found J.T. to be fascinating with his solutions-based mentality. Needless to say, when I learned he had written a book, I needed to get a copy and speak to him.

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About the Author

is an internationally recognized security, terrorism, and intelligence professional. He has taught domestic and international organizations in counter-terrorism, intelligence, and physical security related issues. He has briefed some of the highest government officials ranging from ambassadors to members of Congress and Pentagon staff. He is author of the book Contracted: America's Secret Warriors and Contracted II: America's Terror Trackers, and Going Rogue: The Compilation.

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  • TylerD32

    I read the book the first week it came out. i found it fascinating and i loved the descriptions and technical jargon that was used. Very good for the debut author and i am eager for the second one. Patten said in the interview he wants to put one or two books out each year and i think that is awesome. Very talented and he used the idea of both words colliding, i.e. family and his shadow life; that made the book enjoyable but also a little close to home bc the SF guys and black ops operators all have a loved one or family at home that is vulnerable due to their "other life." Great job Mr. Patten, if thats your real name ;) i very much look forward to the sequel.

  • tigerstr

    OK just finished the book and opinion remains the same. Very good. Nice plot with a lot of twists (some unexpected some not so much). Some may find it a bit heavy on jargon and "doctrinal" sounding stuff on black Intel and covert ops, most of which- I admit, it- I personally enjoyed.  One of the main bad guys was a bit cartoon like, an add the -path you like (psychopath etc.) type that serves the purpose of being bad to the core. Overall a great book , considering its the first one.  Havens come out as a smart tough guy but the part about "all the training courses he took were  no longer than 2 weeks long each" seems totally unrealistic considering his depth of knowledge and the length of some actual courses in CI, Source Ops, surveillance, ASOT etc.  My 2c.

  • Shortstack

    Amazon needs more paperback books, I just bought the last copy...and I am so very grateful it is me getting it. I am getting weary keeping up with all you writers and trying to write myself. There are simply not enough hours in a day to read all your books. Thank you for this novel...awesome...and reviews on Amazon are a thumbs up.

  • tigerstr

    Got the Kindle book, I am almost halfway through in the space of a day and I have to say its a page turner!  Will post again after I finish but so far its more than  good.

  • ColonelProp

    hmmmmm - looks like a winner...I will take a poke at it. The interview strikes a few chords