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February 22, 2014

Warrior of the Week – Stacy Attinger

In this second installment of “Warrior of the Week,” it was decided rather than holding off with one of the greatest support mechanisms for those who deploy, we needed to cover such a person immediately. What I am speaking about here is a spouse of a military service member. Our spouses, children, parents, and friends often get overlooked when we discuss our nation’s warriors, and we at SOFREP refuse to allow their support and service to go unnoticed.

Whether you have been in combat or not shouldn’t factor into who is or who is not a warrior. As an example, many parents, spouses, and even kids are warriors just for putting up with the fact that their sons or daughters, husbands or wives, mommys or daddys deploy time and again into harm’s way.

It takes an incredible amount of mental strength to be a warrior and personally, I believe Stacy Attinger deserves this week’s “Warrior of the Week.”

Stacy recently received the Idaho National Guard Spouse of the Year award and deservedly so. By looking at her, you would never think she is a warrior, but don’t let her petite figure and good looks fool you. Just like her husband, she is a bad-ass!

Stacy is married to an Air Force A-10 pilot named Jason. Well, let me put a caveat out there. Jason is a former Air Force Special Operator who once served as an elite Pararescue operative. The work he does today goes far beyond just flying the “Warthog.” He still assists his fellow National Guardsmen in training them on ground tactics, among other crafts every ground-pounder needs to know.

Two American Badasses--Stacy and Jason Attinger. Photo courtesy of Stacy AttingerThis isn’t about Jason though. This is about his wife, Stacy, who as an Army veteran has stayed by her true love’s side for fifteen years while he served as a PJ, then transitioned into an officer now A-10 pilot. She is also a woman who raises two incredibly beautiful young children often-times playing a simultaneous role of mommy and daddy.

Stacy is a full-time mommy and military spouse but she does so much more in her life that deserves to be acknowledged. You see, Stacy is a business owner. If you are ever in Idaho and want one of the best photographers to capture images of your family or event, get a hold of her because she knows how to take some amazing pictures!

But beyond just being a small business owner, Stacy is also enduring the grueling chaos of advancing her college education. In fact, starting this year she will become a full-time law-school student. But that’s not all.

Stacy constantly gives back to the community. In addition to staying involved in her children’s activities, like dance class, sports, etc., Stacy is incredibly active and constantly gives back as a volunteer victim advocate. Oh yeah, and rumor has it, she sends out incredible care packages for those deployed.

So now that you know a bit about Stacy Attinger, let me explain why she is this week’s “Warrior of the Week.”

The warrior is one who is willing to give up their own time for others. The warrior is willing to make sacrifices. The warrior is one who learns from the past and conquers the future. The warrior is willing to stay by the side of their fellow warriors no matter how tough that task may be.

Stacy Attinger is a warrior and she is SOFREP’s “Warrior of the Week”—a US Army Veteran, spouse of a current A-10 bad-ass pilot who once operated as an Air Force PJ, a mommy and, when the time is needed, she also plays the role as daddy, a business owner, student, and volunteer.

Keep up the great work Stacy! You’re a role model for many!

About the Author

is an internationally recognized security, terrorism, and intelligence professional. He has taught domestic and international organizations in counter-terrorism, intelligence, and physical security related issues. He has briefed some of the highest government officials ranging from ambassadors to members of Congress and Pentagon staff. He is author of the book Contracted: America's Secret Warriors and Contracted II: America's Terror Trackers, and Going Rogue: The Compilation.

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  • alliweber

    I love this article about Stacy. She sounds like an incredible human being and I respect what she does enormously. Keep the series up; it's fantastic.

  • Txazz

    Kerry, you get the gold star award in my book for sharing Stacy as Warrior of the Week.  She not only served her country in the Army but, still serves her country by being the best ever military spouse.  Very often these spouses are the hidden heroes as well as raising our future Warriors of the Week.  Having been a military spouse in times of war, I salute your choice.  You go Stacy!

  • Kiyabear

    Well done and many thanks, Stacy!

  • Oregoncoyote

    Great Article Kerry, what a amazing family that truly is the all American family. It is folks like the Attinger's that make this great nation of ours so amazing. It gives me hope that there are still good people out there and they are my Heros that's what I could only dream of for my family some day:)

  • ColonelProp

    Very Good Choice this week! The whole team makes it work....