February 28, 2014

Government Hackers, Console Cowboys, The Tech Model Railroad Club, and the Dark Web Part 2

So to recap, Part 1 of this subject covered the deep web and its relationship to analytics, and the dark web and its relationship to nefarious activity in brief. As part of this week’s fun, I thought I would introduce you to Daisake Inoue. I met him several years ago at a VisWeek conference and was impressed with a design he and his team created. Daisake created a system called Daedulus to interface with JP-CERT’s (Computer Emergency Response Teams- Japan) Nicter.

Here is Daedulus: NICT Daedalus Cyber-Attack Alert System

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  • RandomNobody

    Great article(s). It makes me wonder what 'corporations' would do with individuals that can see the patterns without knowing the code. I guess that would be some Neo-esq-isms that would put one on a watched list.

  • Coriolanus

    Make War Coriolanus  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouyC28ffPjQ

  • Coriolanus

    Make War He's a fairly good friend. Wonder where he got that information from?

  • Make War

    The Jester wrote an interesting article on some possible ways the Chinese may have gotten into everything here in the States......http://jesterscourt.cc/2014/03/14/what-would-i-do-if-i-was-in-the-chinese-pla/

  • Make War

    Coriolanus Never go without some good Dub S......