February 28, 2014

Government Hackers, Console Cowboys, The Tech Model Railroad Club, and the Dark Web Part 2

So to recap, Part 1 of this subject covered the deep web and its relationship to analytics, and the dark web and its relationship to nefarious activity in brief. As part of this week’s fun, I thought I would introduce you to Daisake Inoue. I met him several years ago at a VisWeek conference and was impressed with a design he and his team created. Daisake created a system called Daedulus to interface with JP-CERT’s (Computer Emergency Response Teams- Japan) Nicter.

Here is Daedulus: NICT Daedalus Cyber-Attack Alert System

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  • puhi8251

    Outstanding articles....thanks and keep them coming!

  • Woolybugger00

    Coriolanus Very much enjoying it right now….

  • Kendoist4162

    Wow. Way above my cranial capacity, but good to be aware of in any case. Many thanks Cor!

  • MGX

    clluelo  Exactly.  Coriolanus Great articles, thanks a lot for that. So. How do you start to "fight back" for your Internet neutrality? You warned us about "visiting these sites" without being confident in what we were doing. Start being ultra proficient in Python and Ubuntu? You also talked about "chatting up the commies": are they all really that tech-savvy? Shame on me. I fell behind.  Can't wait to hear about what's next and about China.

  • LadyHW

    Just thought I'd drop in and say thanks, Cor.   I was chatting with some folks who attended the interactive component at SXSW. The little knowledge I gleaned from you helped me not to sound like a complete novice.  Beside the interview with Snowdon (questions asked were very carefully crafted, btw), there was also some discussion about TOR and Silk Road, etc etc... Not that I understood everything, but at least I wasn't without a clue, thanks to reading your articles. the counter culture is alive and well, and ready to kick up a mess.