March 9, 2014

The SF Babies (Part IV)

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“You are ALWAYS being assessed!”

No other words sum up SFAS (Special Forces Assessment and Selection) more for me, and I’m sure many others would agree. I found out what these words meant and just how important they would become.

The day we left the relative comfort of SOPC (Special Operations Preparation and Conditioning) for SFAS was uneventful, but I still remember it distinctly. It was an early January day that still seems distinct to North Carolina: cold, damp, rainy, and full of sandy pine trees.

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About the Author

is a former Army Special Forces soldier who spent time at 1st Special Forces Group and 20th Special Forces Group between 2004 and 2008. He is currently the Director of Communications and Social Media for the Green Beret Foundation, a non-profit charity focused on supporting wounded and killed Special Forces soldiers and their families. Blake is currently pursuing a bachelors degree in Marketing. Twitter: @bmiles84

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  • Blake Miles

    Jake75 I'm sure it's similar. I'm guessing that SFOD-D is a little more strenuous.

  • ColonelProp

    Hooked...keep it brewing....

  • blong26774

    d0x117testing Attitude is everything, along with being in excellent shape.

  • d0x117testing

    Agreed with poidog22, I can't get enough of this! I'm very seriously considering signing 18x and this may do me in... Looking forward to more.

  • poidog22

    Keep em coming