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March 14, 2014

Thin Red Line

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  • YankeePapa

    ...Oh, BTW... If we slap sanctions on our good buddies the Russians, of course they will not retaliate by cutting off our access to space.  I mean, we gutted our space program to free up funds for new domestic spending... We always knew that it was a good idea to hand over the keys to the Russkis... . . ...Well, enough on that... now on to gutting the U.S. military to pay for new domestic programs since we no longer need them... . -YP-

  • KineticFury

    Virginstateofmind ArcticWarriorKineticFury Ohhh, ok, sure! Here ya go. ______________________ ______________________ lol.

  • LawyerHandle

    @honestbroker247 All your comments show expect for the really long one w/ this as the last paragraph: "I just feel it is disingenuous for someone to complain about the sensationalism of the “Main Stream Media”, and how the message being peddled is doing more to divide the country than bring it together… especially from someone who has found themselves on the wrong side of unfair criticism concerning a position on gun regulation… and then turn right around and be part of the apparatus. I don’t know… maybe I am far too sensitive. Maybe I am just way off base and this is how things should be done. I don’t run a web site, so what the hell would I know… "

  • HonestBroker247

    Blake Miles It has truth based on what you know... and how might that truth be changed by what you do not know?  Is truth relative to knowledge?

  • HonestBroker247

    LawyerHandle  I considered that, but concluded it (Betrayus cartoon), while related to a foreign event or policy, was still internal politics as it didn't show (I am assuming) the Taliban or Al-Qaeda getting the best of or in a favorable light in contrast to Petraeus...   As for the technical issue... I sometimes have problems replying if Norton Security is engaged, but not sure what would cause the issue you are showing.  I assume follow-up comments are displaying without issue?