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February 19, 2015

The News Has A Credibility Problem

The Brian Williams kerfluffle is only the latest highlight in the deterioration of high-profile, big media news organizations.  From the days of reporters sitting in safe areas of Beirut, reporting what might or might not be going on where the metal met the meat, to falsified news reports of attacks on 1st Marine Division during the opening months of the Iraq War, Big News has shown a willingness to bend the truth to get attention.

It’s time that got fixed.

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  • green beret retired

    Recon6 green beret retired YankeePapa CarlRC If you want to talk book collectiona, mine started with Robin Moore's "Tales of the Green Berets". Over the years I have collected books guerilla warfare, counter-insurgency, and any and eveything on SOF units around the world. The reason I discovered SOFREP was my son. He spent 8 years in the Army and was with the 173rd when they jumped into northern Iraq.

  • Recon6

    green beret retired YankeePapa Recon6 CarlRC  GBR, glad you 'finally' arrived at SOFREP, we've been here for 3 years... Interesting experiences you related, a lot of Vets, even from RVN, on this site... I enjoyed Plasters books as well at John Meyers writing but must Warn You, you will quickly amass a large library from the writers on REP,ha!! Really good stuff...6

  • Recon6

    YankeePapa green beret retired CarlRC  copy that YP, brought back a memory... had Falciparum malaria and evac'd to 6th CC in Cam Ranh Bay, when the malarial episode was over, it was SOP to assign one to "filling sand bags" for two weeks in order to "build your body back up"... that night I was at the air strip and caught a Huey to Pleiku and then on to way was I going to fill frkn sand bags, ha!...6

  • YankeePapa

    green beret retired YankeePapa CarlRC , . "... first thing they did was send me to see the psychiatrist...." . ...Perhaps they needed to read up on the history of soldiers in military hospitals in war from say, WWI on.  Soldiers have often gone UA from medical facilities to rejoin their units on the line.   . ...The highest number of cases can be found where the policy was to take a healed soldier and just dump him in a "repple-depple" and assign him to an entirely different unit as if he were a mere replacement part in a machine. . ... Couple days before medical facility had him scheduled for discharge... he would "take the gap" and head back to his unit.  Almost always  unit commanders would cover for such lads. . ...Somebody needs to educate these people as to what makes an army march into hostile fire.  After all, "...a truly rational army would run away..." . -YP-

  • green beret retired

    YankeePapa CarlRC I had broken my ankle and was medevaced back to the states January '70.  I was in the hospital at Ft Carson when we invaded Cambodia. I remember reading in Stars & Stripes some  SPC from the !st Cav claiming he had been the first American on the ground in Cambodia.  What didn't know, and the rest of the world didn't know that MACV/SOG had saturated the area with RTs from CCS and CCC sometime before regular troops went in.   About June, the orthopedic surgeon cleared me for duty. When they aked where I wanted to go, I said back to the unit I came from.   first thing they did was send me to see the psychiatrist..They sent my request forward.  Sometime later, I get a phone call from Mrs Alexander, head of SF enlisted branch at the Pentagon  She said, "Sgt Green, I can send you to any other Group, but I don't have openngs right now."  "You can stay there in medical holding detachment and wait. Should be about 6 weeks."  I said, "OK" It was more like 3 weeks and I was on my way back to FOB 2. I ended up on RT Texas and that is when my "One Zero" told me Cambodian foray because he had been one of those teams.  He said the reason they found those caches so easily was because the RTs had already found.