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February 25, 2012

Take Charge of Your Security – Part I

Locks are genius: knowing how to defeat, bypass, and manipulate them – priceless for bad guys – expensive for you!

I think its important for all of us to take a little more ownership of our security posture. We often rely on first responders, law enforcement, and military to look after us, protect us, and push us to out of the way of moving vehicles due to our incredible addiction to technology (symptoms of sheep). Unfortunately, citizens in the US and abroad become dependent on these luxuries, weak, and sometimes down right lazy. So if you don’t mind, I would like to share some tips from time to time to increase your security at home and abroad (become more of a sheepdog). If you DO mind – click here.

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  • Clod

    Oops, ALUMINUM.  Not alunimum.

  • Clod

    Use an alunimum or (preferably) steel flat bar on the door frame.  Cut a notch in it for the latch and bolt to go through.  If necessary, route out the wood frame to allow enough clearance for the door to close.  Use screws long enough to go through the frame and into the stud.  Using a bar long enough to go from top to bottom is best, but even a couple feet length will spread the force enough to prevent the door being kicked in easily.   Also, use a steel door.  They are not expensive, especially if you buy one at a surplus/salvage place.  At the very least, use a solid wood door.  I have seen exterior home doors that are hollow core wood.  Not only are they very inefficient insulators, but they can be broken very easily.

  • Saratoga

    First, the $20 locks you buy at Home Depot are a joke to defeat and the techniques are all over YouTube.  Second, the door frame's going to break right at the strike plates and "reinforcing" it with wood screws from top to bottom will not prevent that  Installing a steel door and door frame would work, but not everyone can afford that or convince their landlord to shell out.  I spent $20 and got The Door Club (as seen on TV) instead.  Third, having locks which require a key to exit the house because "the odds of a break-in outweigh a fire" ignores the fact that if a bad guy comes through another door or window they'll prevent you and your family from escaping.  Replacing the windowed door and/or fortifying the glass will solve that problem without turning your home into a deathtrap.

  • Aegis

    Remember security in layers! Thieves love easy and fast access and egress. The thugs have also learned how to use a hydrolic jack to jack apart a door frame defeating many dead bolts thats why it is very important for the dead bolt to extend as far as possible into the frame. Plant thorny bushes in front of windows. Make access into your home very difficult even if it is a pain in your ass. Yes I was robbed Christmas morning one year.

  • antonk

    thanks for the tips-I should know better. Did a quick check of the security/fire door a few feet from me in the basement. LOL Builder took a shortcut or two. Removed all the screws after a check on the first door frame screw determined they were ONE HALF inch in length!!  They now are a bit longer-bolt did not go all the way either.  Fixed everything but the bolt-will do in the am since everyone is asleep right now.