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March 15, 2012

Women’s Self Defense Weekly: The Neck Grab & Throat Punch

So we touched briefly a couple weeks ago on awareness, which is hopefully going to keep you out of any potentially harmful situations. But what happens if you do eventually find yourself in a disastrous situation, and all the mental preparation and scenarios you’ve been visualizing suddenly seem all too real?

I talked to Brandon (former Navy SEAL) and got some more great tips to share this week! Check it out….

(Photo Credit: Helmut Newton)

Let’s face it: We’ve all been caught in some situations that have left us thinking “Man, I sure was lucky nothing bad happened”, or maybe even made some stupid decisions, causing us to say to say to ourselves, “If Mom knew what I was doing right now, she would have a heart attack.”

You know the moments I’m referring to: That time you hitch hiked down coast highway with your girlfriends (not mentioning any names!), or the time you went for a run in the middle of the night because you couldn’t sleep, not realizing until you were four miles from home that it was the stupidest idea you’ve ever had. (Don’t worry Mom, I’m not speaking from experience!)

The list could be endless. I know that in those instances, I’m sure as hell glad my mom doesn’t have a magic crystal ball on her nightstand! The point is, it’s important to be prepared on as many levels as possible, whether you’re (foolishly) putting yourself in the situation, or you’ve found yourself there by mere chance.

Brandon gave you a few great pointers on some easy self-defense moves in this post, and we’re going to add to that list for you to slip into the back of your mind, just in case.

1. Throat punch


Taking a blow to the neck and adam’s apple area can do some serious damage if it’s hit hard enough, but it doesn’t take much pressure to ruin someone’s day. This can be done by using either the backside of the hand (the edge along your pinky) and taking a quick, sharp strike to the throat area, or making an L-shape with your hand and having the area between your thumb and forefinger jab them in the neck. (Jab your “hitch hike-ee” and tuck and roll out of the car! Ok, maybe not quite there yet.) Or just a straight punch to the neck!

“A quick throat strike will affect your attackers airway and breathing. This buys you some time to get out of dodge.  I also am a BIG fan of women carrying a good 200+ Lumen self defense flashlight in their purse. Blind them with light, strike and escape. Plus you can travel with this in a carry on “- Brandon

2. The Neck Grab

What happens if you are grabbed from behind? No problem. Use your hips, momentum and surprise your attacker….


The Neck Grab for Women's Self Defense: Take control of your attacker

The Neck Grab for Women's Self Defense: Take control of your attacker


The Neck Grab for Women's Self Defense: Put the hurt on him

The Neck Grab for Women's Self Defense: Put the hurt on him

I hope these were helpful, and remember; Be smart! We can all think of those times that may be funny stories now, but could have really taken a turn for the worst—and fast—if we weren’t so lucky. Stay aware, and be sure to keep these tips and pointers up your sleeve for those “I’m-so-glad-Mom-doesn’t-have-a-crystal-ball” moments.

Special thanks to Brandon for kicking down his Navy SEAL knowledge for us!


When Fashion & Self Defense Collide….


We want to keep you looking your finest while kicking ass! We get our fashion trends from

I thought this was an interesting choice this week for our self-defense and fashion collision. Enjoy!

On The Run French Vogue March 2012

(Top Photo Credit: Steven Klein)

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  • dlund08

    Annamals you can also kill someone like that if you hit hard enough, not the best idea, you should stick with what they say in this post.

  • katgirl

     @Disorderly Conduct Thank you!  More info is always good.  I haven't done that.  Have done a few very effective things (unarmed) on big guys which saved my bacon :)

  • katgirl

     @SEAN SPOONTS  @Old Yessss!


    @Old PH2 That is absolutely true. Outside a bar called Papa's in JAX once. Two drunks leaning on two cars in the parking lot. One of them leaning against my drivers side door. I came out a little buzzed and bummed since the girl I was hoping to see never showed up. Asked him to move, he refused, telling me to "go fuck" myself. Right cross of side fist into his throat. He makes this weird sound collapses onto the other guy who was facing him leaning against the other car. Told other guy; "move your friend" He did.

  • Disorderly Conduct

     @katgirl  @LCpl X if you visit the Phillipino islands, you can see many older men and some women with parts of their limbs hacked off and or with their limbs very much shattered  whom never received and or little medical treatment from stick and knife fighting. here in the united states FMA is used for self defense, and where blessed with padding, those folks including dog brothers, some Kali, eskrima and, sects of silat and, pekiti tersia dont always use padding.   theres a video  called means to scrape documents such ways of life out there and, people whom personally dealt with such things   the Pi islands have a LEO unit and, Mil unit whom all train in FMA  to deal with criminals, and abu suyaff on a daily basis when our tactical products are not advising.