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May 1, 2012

LET, A Smarter Breed of Terrorist: Lashkar-e-Taiba – Part 1

Lashkar-e-Taiba or LeT (because its a stupid set of words to try and pronounce) is actually a concerning terror group worth pushing out of the closet, yes, the closet. Most extreme Muslims are pedophiles, they like little boys more than woman.

I think taking some time to identify who they are, where they operate, and the tactics utilized is a good start to their termination. After all, turning the media spotlight on them just might make them important enough to start killing.

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  • TheFrenchManCM

    In all honesty... Islamist Extremists preach the same bullshit...they should up their game (on an intellectual level) a bit if they want us to ever so slightly not laugh at their ideals... I'm from France and i can tell you one thing...they preach the same crap over here as well....can't we all just get along...

  • iceviking

    reading this article and the valuable comments is like awesome.. a little bit too awesome... hope sofrep checks the ip origins of visitors.

  • iceviking

     @LCpl X thank you. intelligent comment and food for thought.

  • LauraWalkerKC

    @FearsomeBuffalo @SOFREP my pleasure :)

  • FearsomeBuffalo

    @LauraWalkerKC @SOFREP Laura, Thank you for the additional info.