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April 28, 2012

Operation Chariot: The Greatest Raid of All

One of the great stories to emerge from the Second World War was that of the British pursuit and eventual destruction of the German battleship Bismarck. By January 1942, the tale already began to pass into legend when a new threat, just as dangerous, sailed from Germany and dropped anchor in a Norwegian fjord. The same feeling of dread and urgency felt when the Bismarck roamed the seas returned with a vengeance the moment the first encrypted message reporting that Tirpitz, her sister ship, was now operational.

Lieutenant Colonel Charles Augustus Newman

Lieutenant Colonel Charles Augustus Newman

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  • webmindset1

    Carried out by men with a fucking pair of gigantic balls! Inspiring Semper Fi MoDog out

  • lecoug

    i feel like i'm a little late to the party here but there was a great documentary on the St Nazaire Raid on British TV a few years ago.  the link below is to part one on youtube:   hope you enjoy it lecoug

  • SleazyWeazel

    I'm betting the Lieutenant Commander had a smirk on his face when those charges detonated.............."Oops.....;)"

  • ArcticWarrior


  • ArcticWarrior

     @ColonelProp  @ArcticWarrior  Improvisation saves the day....again. Its a strange conflict. We should have a full story on it. Id like to see some of those guys Loadout. So if anybody from the UK is out there......