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April 27, 2012

SPY Exhibit: Vault Opened!

We are the first to report – The greatest collection of espionage artifacts will be open to the public!

More to follow!

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  • Ben K

     @LCpl X Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction.  I found out about Acoustic Kitty in a video game of all places.

  • ColonelProp

    This is intriguing. I'll keep watching for more info. Thanks for the heads up.

  • LCpl X

    Are these new artifacts or just the stuff they had on exhibit in the old and new hq bldg? In "Class 11" they mentioned a dragonfly spybot, very cool, especially knowing they used it in the 70s:    @Ben K  LOL! I think they said they ran a similar op somewhere in Asia and the kitty ended up being caught, not by the opposing spy service, but by regular folks--   for dinner. LOL!

  • Ben K

    I'm hoping to see the, er, "equipment" they used in Acoustic Kitty.

  • ShinigamiDred

    Growing up I was fascinated by the CIA, would visit the website every so often and look at the virtual tour. Would be a real treat to go see it in real life, but I wonder how much aside from the stuff on their site is in the museum.