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November 28, 2012

Marcus Luttrell Talks Lone Survivor

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On today’s show –

BWebb sits down with Marcus Luttrell to discuss life after the teams.  You’ll get the inside scoop on the making of Lone Survivor the movie; and also hear what it’s like to eat dinner and hang with former President Bush at the White House.

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  • webmindset1

    Awesome show. RE: Marcus talking about posers/stolen valor - since I've been in 1st Civ Div, I've never run across a fake Marine, but like Marcus, I'd love to find one, just once. A guy can hope... we'd get some good PT while I'm kicking his ass. Semper Fi MoDog out

  • Civilian Andrew

    One of the best podcast episodes I've heard, great to hear about the upcoming movie. I had no idea there were such crazy stalkers out there either...yikes. I listened to this one a while ago, but I hope they have him on again soon! Hilarious...

  • LauraK

    Quin - for the main site version you edited out the part where Marcus describes making the actor cry - most of that bit is there, but not the crying part :)

  • Stafford Long

    ML is a real standout amongst badasses. God Speed!

  • Anthony Fuller

    Great interview! I hope the movie is a good one, not to name names, but a certain NatGeo movie was a typical over dramatization of a Military movie. Marcus was funny as hell like a typical Texan he was short and to the point, well maybe not short, but in true Texan fashion it was spoken with a man code that only those crazy ass Lone Stars understand. Allot of people can learn from the small comunity self sufficient mentality they have.