December 11, 2012

Grey Bar Hotel – A First Hand Look At Life In The Gulag

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Today on SOFREP Radio-

We talk about the sex trade in Bahrain.

Back by popular demand, special guest and former US Navy SEAL Drago.   He’ll be sharing more details on his time spent as a prisoner in a Russian Gulag.

Later, it’s Mike Ritland batting cleanup, here to talk about the release of his new book.

We’ve got the mail buoy and also iTunes reviews

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  • Giorgio Rizzi

    This podcast was just too much! Drago's stories: most hilarious shit I've ever heard. Keep up the good work.

  • minou

    Drago -- I have an MA in Russian History, and a Russian daughter. Having been to Russia, as well as to Poland, I have a fairly good idea of what you've suffered; the things you couldn't express in this short a period of time. You are an incredibly strong man. Thank you. Bahrain is not the only place where this happens The same trade goes on here in the US. And these women and boys get about as much help here as they do in Bahrain. People don't really want to know about the sex trade because it's dirty. Prostitutes are considered throw-away people. Prostitution may be the world's oldest trade, but that just says that there have always been people who have had nothing left to sell but themselves.

  • JHR

    Thank You for this Show! The first thing I though of while listening to the Bahrain thread....I was looking out at the Ocean, waves crashing, and I thought "people do not realize how good they have it". There are people living in that world forced into unconscionable conditions. Mexico's human trafficking/sex trade is as bad as the Russians. The amount of youth, children and young people kidnapped and forced into that life, often times turned into drug addicts- is astounding. The amount of money made on each girl (or boy) is second only to a slot machine- sometimes-they produce more income than a slot machine. This is how they are viewedd by they capturers-as financial props. The entire trade is sickening beyond belief. Human Trafficking is a scorge on the planet and has become a #1 moneymaker for Mobs,Cartels, Organized Crime and other elements. The Feds seem unwilling to tep into the mix as where does jurisdication lie? I imagine SOF will be involved in cleaning this mess up.

  • Old PH2

    Drago, my wife learned English in the Memphis area. Being Iranian she has many of the vocal issues you so eloquently shared! There are times when we are talking to each other and I haven't a clue what she just said, I usually plead it's due to my hearing loss! Partly true. Very nice to hear the story of a fellow Cold Warrior. You guys in Poland, members of Solidarity, are the reason the Berlin Wall fell, and the reason the Russian's turned away from Communism. As much shit as you took in Prison you helped buy the freedom of millions! You have a great deal to be proud of! Please bring Brandon back in one piece, I know you Poles! Be sure to fatten him up a little too! Love the pierogies!

  • Sean Spoonts

    Good stuff on Drago. Glad to see some of the blanks filled in on his time in the joint-ski.