July 8, 2012

A Day In The Life: USAF Pararescue Indoctrination Course

This is it. You’ve made it though the US Air Force’s MEPS, you took the oath, and went off to basic training.

You weren’t one of those types who just thought you’d sort out a job when you got there, oh no. You always knew what you wanted. You wanted to be with the best, be part of an elite team.

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About the Author

is a retired USAF PJ, current U.S. government contractor, and lover of sandwiches. He can often be found peddling a rusty beach cruiser around the beaches of San Diego, smoking dried banana peels and arguing with hippies.

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  • southernbelle

    Started watching "Inside Combat Rescue." I didn't know anything about their training/selection, but, as someone else said, I got tired just reading about it. lol Dudes are hard core.

  • NMOne

    I'm sure inquiring minds want to know about the 'alternate' water confidence training....

  • Zee M

    Awesome article!

  • Ldw697

    @bkgreenfeet Quick question: If i abide by the rules and regulation and get PRK surgery in a civilian setting, wait a year and have the proper paper work filled out, are the odds of me getting a waiver pretty good? Or do they only give a limited number of slots to people who get PRK surgery? I want to be a PJ just want to know if I get surgery i will get the shot.

  • freshdan426

    As of right now I am a roomed up down the hall way from all the PJ trainees in their Indoc course, they had their ETD last week. The comradery among them after they returned that night was cool to see; good group of guys.