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July 8, 2012

A Day In The Life: USAF Pararescue Indoctrination Course

This is it. You’ve made it though the US Air Force’s MEPS, you took the oath, and went off to basic training.

You weren’t one of those types who just thought you’d sort out a job when you got there, oh no. You always knew what you wanted. You wanted to be with the best, be part of an elite team.

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About the Author

is a retired USAF PJ, current U.S. government contractor, and professional contrarian. He has been banned from setting foot on 47 college campuses, due to his triple-plus ungood bad think. Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have dubbed him, "The Most Dangerous Man in America." The European Union and the UAE have him on a terrorist watch list. Women want him, and men want to be him, and gay men want both.

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  • LPD256

    As I prepare to grill burgers and brats for the kids/grandkids neighbors and friends drinking my beer and swimming in my pool, I want to say GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS, Happy Birthday America. And wishing you all a SAFE holiday. I have the utmost respect for what you guys do/have done in the past. And I'm a little pissed off my Wife never let me use a bullhorn and siren to get our boys out of bed in the morning.....that video is awesome!!!

  • cj8795

    bkgreenfeet cj8795 bkgreenfeet,  WHEW!  I was afraid to read this for fear of being reprimanded! :)   Thank you for the pleasant comments. I'm trying to not ramble, so bear with me.  I don't let one person taint  what I think of others(mostly).  Some comments here, about segregating special operators from "RA", et al., DOES bother me, in that I think it would cause...disdain, perhaps.  (and "beard envy."  Really???? I never heard a guy talk about that)  While y'all have proven your endurance and tenacity, I would not be quick to dismiss the talents of RA (as with any job, there is a percentage there, not 100%.)  Instead of segregating yourselves, TEACH, tactics to the "common folk" (ha! ha!) in the military... it will/would be invaluable, and make a stronger, united team. Eh??    Thanks again.

  • bkgreenfeet

    cj8795 It is possible... there are several guard/reserve units; I think this is one of the best jobs in the military. I agree with you on the sentiment about SOF guys... too often, they (we) tend to think of themselves as "better" than others because of the selection process. Try not to let it form your opinion that we're all like that, though. Thanks for reading!

  • cj8795

    I worked with a PA who was (think still is--Reserves now, if that is possible?) a PJ.  I TOTALLY respect him for achieving this high accomplishment.  I do not, however, allow that respect to dismiss his jerk attitude as a PA... lost respect in that area. I mention this only because... well, because I was disappointed in him, I guess.  Don't let your PJ, SF, SEAL, whatever status make you a complete jerk in "regular" life--especially when other lives are at stake. (yeah, I read the '5 Traits of a Special Ops guy' and "get" that....

  • southernbelle

    Started watching "Inside Combat Rescue." I didn't know anything about their training/selection, but, as someone else said, I got tired just reading about it. lol Dudes are hard core.