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July 20, 2012

Australian SAS Selection – 90% Need Not Apply!

Only those mentally and physically tough enough will pass Australian SAS Selection. This course is more than just yomping, tabbing or humping a heavy pack whilst navigating from checkpoint to checkpoint, it also requires you to demonstrate leadership, courage, determination and a lot of lateral thinking.

To be eligible for selection you must first pass a 3 day barrier or pre-selection course that involves a series of written tests, navigation, fitness, confidence activities, memory tests and a timed pack march.

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  • Axeman15

    Rob, I read your book when it first came out. It was a great read. I have nothing but respect and admiration for what you accomplish to get through selection. And that is not taking anything away from your missions which are exceptional unto their own! What you all have accomplished is nothing short of incredible. It amazes me what the American human warrior is capable of when launched into that situation. I do hope you write many more stories of what you and your teams did. As I stated elsewhere, it inspires me tremendously. You and the men who make up SOF are a phenom. Thank you for your service and to me your all heroes. I don't dole out compliments, I read , comprehend and then I speak what my true feelings are based on your stories of strength, heroism, fearlessness among so many other great feats. Thank you A-15

  • Grigori

    fubar The Israeli Sayeret Matkal has a similar test called the "Beret March", a 150 km/93 mile march.

  • fubar

    A timed 165km land nav aka 102.5 miles!!!! That makes the Brits SAS and our Delta element's 40 miler look sad....these guys are freakin inhuman. Time to start looking for training tips with these studs!

  • Grigori

    ExEODSapper If you mean the British SAS then yes I have heard of the deaths during Selection and also how harsh the breacon beacons are especially during winter. The fact is I haven't witnessed myself or seen 22nd SAS selection on TV like the SASR one. I do agree the 22nd SAS Selection is darn hard especially due to the area ,also to add that even though I am an Indian , the 22nd SAS is and will always my favorite SF unit. When I did see the SASR selection documentary, I almost peed my pants. It seems US SOCOM,SASR, UKSF blokes are at a different level.

  • ExEODSapper

    Grigori Much harder? You do know several people have dies during SAS selection? The area they do the training is no joke...