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SOFREP.COM (Special Operations Forces Report-SOF-REP): News and Analysis from Military, Intelligence, and Special Operations veterans.

Mainstream media routinely reports on the US military, domestic and foreign affairs with very little experience or background. Often this comes with extreme political bias in one direction or the other. Most news today has become “News Entertainment”, and is also focused on driving ratings and Internet page views rather than independent journalism. Welcome to

The typical contributor at SOFREP has over ten years of military service, a college degree, has seen combat, served in the Intelligence or Special Operations community, and served in some of the most dangerous places on the planet.  Our editorial philosophy is to provide news and analysis that is politically neutral, and biased towards the truth.



Editorial Team

Jack Murphy (Ranger/Special Forces),  Editor-in-Chief

Peter Nealen (USMC-Force Recon)-Managing Editor

Contributing Editors

Mark Miller (USA Special Forces)
Vasilis (Greek Special Operations)
Mitchel McAlister (Australian 2nd Commando Regiment)
Eric Jones (USA Intelligence)
James Powell (USMC & Intelligence Officer)
Nick Irving (USA-Ranger)
Blake Miles (USA-Special Forces)
Mike Ritland (USN-SEAL)
Brandon Webb (USN-SEAL) Naval Special Warfare Editor

Contributors Writing Under Pseudonyms

14Charlie (USAF-Intel)
Frumentarius (USN SEAL/CIA)
Coriolanus (Intel Analyst)
Naval (Polish GROM)

Glen Doherty, NSW Editor, KIA Benghazi Libya September 12th, 2012.


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This is where interested individuals go to learn about all branches of the Special Operations community.  Want to learn about Air Force Special Operations? Go to AFSOC.  Want to compare Army SOF to Navy SOF? Go into USASOC or NSWC to get personal perspective and decide what community best suits your interests. What is Marine Corps Special Operations about? Click Marsoc. Concerned parent? Send us a Comms Check and ask a real operator that’s been there done that.

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If you are looking for a different source of military, domestic security, and foreign affairs news, are Special Operations enthusiast, future SOF candidate, or just a veteran just looking to re-connect, you now have one simple resource to turn to for legitimate perspective.

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