Venezuela Moves Against American Citizens


Venezuelan President Nicholás Maduro and his predecessor, Hugo Chavez, have been pointing to the U.S. as the boogeyman to unite Venezuela under their single-party rule for years. As Venezuela’s economy View More ›

Knights Templar Cartel’s “La Tuta” Captured


Mexico has scored another coup in the narco-insurgency. On February 27—in Morelia, the capital of Michoacan—Servando “La Tuta” Gomez was rolled up by Mexican police. “La Tuta,” also known as View More ›

Daily Weekly

Navy SEAL Veteran Considering Gubernatorial Run?


According to an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, quoting an emailed statement from former Navy SEAL Eric Greitens, Greitens is considering a run for statewide political office in Missouri. View More ›

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