Obama’s Schizophrenic Foreign Policy & How The “End of Times” Theory Benefits the ISIS War Machine


In all fairness, Obama inherited a mess with Bush’s Iraq. ¬†However, his administration’s half-baked strategies since then have resulted in the region sinking into further chaos. When the President completed¬†the View More ›

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Memorial Day To Me: Then As A US Navy SEAL, Now As A US Citizen


When I was on active duty as a Navy SEAL prior to the terrorist attacks of September, 11th, 2001, Memorial Day didn’t really matter to me. It does fourteen years later.

In Memoriam: SEAL (SOC) Adam Brown


Men and women like Adam served us all, and gave their all for us, and for that we are so grateful. However, we are even more grateful to their families, who continue to sacrifice every single day for all of us, in their loss, and will do so for the rest of their lives.

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