The U.S. and Cuba: Viva le Rapprochement!


The United States and Cuba took definitive steps to end a half-century of animosity and icy relations this holiday season, after reportedly 18 months or so of back-channel discussions between View More ›

American Sniper The Movie: Not What I Was Expecting


As a SEAL sniper instructor who has trained over 300 students, I was really excited to see and expecting so much more from this movie. Cooper delivered an amazing performance as Chris Kyle, but Eastwood’s magic was lost outside of the first and last minutes of American Sniper.

Becoming An Italian Special Forces "Intruder"

Becoming An Italian Special Forces Operator


The 9th Assault Parachute Regiment, also known as “Col Moschin,” is the most elite regiment of the Italian Army. The men comprising that unit receive the most complex and difficult training of View More ›

Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, flagship of the Russian Navy, Northern Fleet.

Russia in the Arctic: OSK Sever and Arctic Security


The new Russian Unified Strategic Command (Obedinonnye Strategicheskoe Komandovanie—OSK) “Sever” was deemed operational on December 1, 2014. It has been created to strengthen the vast border’s security and protect the View More ›

Talk the Talk: Foreign Language and the Art of Intelligence


When working within a target country or diaspora, dialect is often the difference between getting the right information and having to go back and get it right. Claiming to be from one place but using the dialect of another area will land you in a world of “this sucks.”