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The VA: Broke While Swimming in Cash


But of course any budget cuts will hit actual capabilities of the VA to help veterans long before they bite into the bureaucracy. Why would you expect anything else?

Celebrate Freedom, Within These Constraints


Between well-meaning busybodies and the terminally offended, it’s getting harder and harder to see how “free” day-to-day life really is anymore.  “Freedom” has become a buzzword not terribly connected with View More ›

5 Myths About Revolutionary America


America rests on a historical bed of legend, myth, fact, and outright fallacy, but it is also a history filled with heroism and intellectual achievement.

News Roundup: Independence Day!, Chelsea Clinton Speech, Nude Cadillac Man


It’s Independence Day. No, not the fourth of July. That’s a date, not a name. The next time someone says, “Happy Fourth!” throw a guillotine choke on them while whispering View More ›

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