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SOFREP Release Notes for 2013

SOFREP Release Notes for 2013

SOFREP is committed to open comms with our subscribers, readers, advertisers and partners. As such, we present our release notes for your reading pleasure. We will provide information about website updates and status here to you, so please check back to stay up to date with us.

If you have product suggestions, please contact us via the Comms Check portal.

If you need support or assistance, please visit our Support Desk.

In the event that we go offline, you can check in with us at our Facebook page.

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//September 24, 2013

We updated our subscription cancellation process. Unlike other major websites, who make their subscribers call during office hours and suffer through hold times, we put control of your account where it belongs: in your account. Subscribers who pay via credit card can now cancel from within their account control panel, and this takes effect immediately. Subscribers who pay via PayPal now have a quick ‘cancel membership’ link to click, which submits their request to our support team, who will cancel the subscription within 24 hours. Quick and painless.

//September 23, 2013

We have completed our Subscription Gift Certificate offering. Now folks can purchase SOFREP Underground subscriptions for friends, family and coworkers for 6 or 12 months. These are non-recurring subscriptions (so it’s a one-time payment) that give full access to all the best SOFREP has to offer. Gift subscriptions are activated as soon as payment goes through, so there’s no waiting for the gift recipient.

//September 19, 2013
SOFREP Radio has been relaunched. We’re now hosting ALL of our shows on iTunes (previously we were limited to 15), and we’re also pushing new episodes to YouTube.

//September 5, 2013

SOFREP launches annual subscription options for new members. Existing members wanting to change their accounts to annual payments can contact Support for the coupon code.

//September 4, 2013

Visitor favorite “No Shit There I Was” section is opened up to all visitors.

SITREP on the hosting outage. The problem was confirmed to be a catastrophic storage array failure. SOFREP is committed to improving our SLA and uptime, and is actively planning improved hosting with the target of 99.9% uptime for the year. SOFREP will pre-announce planned downtimes for maintenance and upgrades. SOFREP is reserving Sunday nights for maintenance periods as needed.

//September 2, 2013

Issue found in the polling feature of the Forums, and is fixed.

//August 31, 2013

At 2:06AM Pacific all SOFREP websites go offline due to a catastrophic storage array failure at the hosting facility, and not due to any nefarious hacking or NSA intervention. We contacted all subscribers on our newsletters and announced the outage on Facebook. The failure occurred on a part that of a storage array that ‘just never fails.’ Service is restored after 22 hours of downtime. SOFREP initiates research and planning for multi-location hosting to prevent outages of this nature. SOFREP has *outstanding* hosting and is committed to our current host; our weakness is being hosted in one facility.

//August 23, 2013

New Shoutbox app is installed on Team Room and members respond with high-fives. SOFREP spent a week testing a variety of options to identify the best application for our needs, and one that would not create server load. This new application allows tradition shoutbox (streaming chat), as well as member-to-member private chats and private group chats.

//August 17, 2013

SOFREP launches a dedicated Member Support helpdesk at

//August 16, 2013

Shoutbox issues on Team Room cause high server loads, sporadic server outages, and a really crappy day for members and SOFREP team. The Shoutbox app is removed from the website and service returns to normal.

//August 14, 2013

Introduction of text ads in newsletters results in multiple send to subscribers instead of just one. Problem identified as a coding error and is fixed promptly.

//August 13, 2013

SOFREP re-launches Livefyre commenting on the website and the Crowd. Goes. Wild. Though not a single sign-on with subscriber logins, SOFREP members are happy to have their beloved commenting system back in place. Commenting activity picks right up again.

//August 11, 2013

Ongoing SSL fixes to increase content compatibility and member security.

//August 8, 2013

Problems identified for existing Team Room members who attempt to update payment methods. No solution at this time.

Problems identified for existing but inactive Team Room members who attempt to re-subscribe. These users are able to complete the subscription process but are not able to login after. This issue requires SOFREP staff to manually complete the member registration. No permanent solution at this time.

//August 6, 2013

– Removed browser detection that was causing issues for members on latest versions of IE10

//August 5, 2013

SOFREP launched our new subscription model. Subscribers are able to pay monthly via PayPal or credit card. We offer three levels of access:

Free: all visitors can read

Spec Ops Wiki
– Coalition Forces

Blog content
– SOF News
– Special Operations

Discount and Front-Line

The Discount level is intended for military, first responders, students and folks on a budget. We’re on the honor system here, there’s no verification as to status.

Front-line is for our readers who want great SOF content and value it enough to contribute to our efforts.

Both levels give access to everything mentioned above, as well as:
– News & Intel (where most of our work takes place)
– SOFREP Radio
– Commenting on all topics

Team Room is our premiere subscription, giving access to all of our content, first release viewing of SOFREP TV (our original video offerings), discussion forums, SOFREP e-books, live chat with members and authors, SOFREP PX discounts and more. We pre-announce important SOFREP events and offerings, and frequently turn to Team Room members as our ‘Board of Directors.’ And yes, we go back and forth on calling it ‘Team Room’ or ‘Underground’ but that’s just because we like to mix it up.

//August 3, 2013

We took Team Room offline in preparation for the migration and integration with This was a key step in moving to the new subscription model.


(Featured Image Courtesy: DVIDS. An AC-130U Gunship from the 4th Special Operations Squadron flies a local training mission on Jan. 27, 2011, at Hurlburt Field, Fla. The AC-130U “Spooky” gunship is the primary weapon of Air Force Special Operations Command. Its primary missions are close air support, air interdiction and armed reconnaissance. The U model is an upgraded version of the H and is equipped with side firing, trainable 25 mm, 40 mm, and 105 mm guns.)

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