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February 25, 2014
Episode 81 - Diamond Dallas Page (DDP), Olympic Shooter Amanda Furrer, and SOFREP writer Kerry Patton

Episode 81 – Diamond Dallas Page (DDP), Olympic Shooter Amanda Furrer, and SOFREP writer Kerry Patton

Guest Name(s): Diamond Dallas Page, Amanda Furrer, Kerry Patton

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Episode 81 is jam packed with wrestling superstar Diamond Dallas Page (DDP), Olympic shooter Amanda Furrer, and SOFREP contributor Kerry Patton.

A couple months back, SOFREP Team Room favorite, Col. Prop, suggested we bring DDP on the podcast. DDP developed a yoga program that has not only helped regular people get in shape, but has also helped injured veterans recover. Case in point: Arthur Boorman, an Army Paratrooper injured during the Gulf War, who wasn’t able to walk without assistance until DDP’s yoga program turned that around for him. Beyond that, DDP has also gone overseas in support of our troops. We talk fitness and more with DDP.

Want to help the Valhalla Project and get back in shape? DDP pledged to Kerry Patton on the show that he will donate 50% of the proceeds to The Valhalla Project from SOFREP listeners who purchase DDP Yoga programs. Just go to DDP’s website, buy a program, and select “SOFREP/Wilkow Majority” from the “How Did You Hear About Us” field on the checkout page. You’ll get a GREAT product – just read the testimonials – and DDP will donate to a GREAT cause.  Also, if you are active or former military, enter the referral code DDPMilitary to receive a discount on your order!

Amanda Furrer comes on for the first time to talk about her background and what it’s like to be a proud “girly girl” who can shoot with the best. She also has plans to work with some SOF members, including our sniper friend Nicholas Irving. Amanda is training to compete in the 2016 Summer Olympics, and you can follow her on Twitter @Amanda_Furrer.

About the Author

is an award winning radio producer who has had on-air and behind the scenes radio experience since 2006. He holds a degree in Radio from Hofstra University. He got his start at WRHU, the flagship station of The New York Islanders, where he hosted and did imaging for various shows on the platform, and for the station at large. He went on to assist in the production for Fangoria Radio working alongside legendary rock icon and host Dee Snider. Since 2008 he has been at Sirius XM both hosting shows and working on various programming including The Wilkow Majority which he still works on, as well as currently producing Senator Bill Bradley's American Voices. Ian is the producer and a host on SOFREP Radio, the #1 ranked podcast in it's category, where all things special operations are covered with Brandon Webb and Jack Murphy. He also does voiceover work for various clients along with assisting in other podcasts.

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  • Julesy

    I love the mention of people l listening to the podcasts while working out. I do that a lot. :) I actually caught up on some podcasts when I did my marathon last fall.

  • ColonelProp

    Awesome!!! This workout is like magic when combined with the nutrition aspect as well!!!! Go forth and crush those life obstacles! Prepare to be amazed at what you will achieve....

  • bharrison

    I had seen the video of your best success story several times in the past.  After listening to the podcast, I finally put two and two together on what he had been doing to feel such a strong desire to thank you.  Showed it to the girlfriend, and we were both moved to tears (I am every time I see it). Just placed my order, with SOFREP/Wilkow as the "where I heard about it".  I know Kerry and the guys up at Valhalla are doing an amazing thing, and that's a huge bonus for me, to have a portion go to their work. I have two shitty knees, and one wrecked elbow.  I graduated high school and college both at 6'3" and 168lbs.  Could eat anything I wanted and not gain weight.  Put in long hours at Texas A&M working on Bonfire, hauling around massive logs and destroying parts of my body. I hurt every single day.   I'm currently at 6'3" and 260lbs, not obese by any means.  Interacting with the guys here at SOFREP has eliminated any potential self pity, but this 30 year old body isn't in the shape to do high impact workouts without some serious rehabilitation of my joints and back. My girlfriend has one destroyed knee from dance (nothing quite like knocking your knee cap completely out of place!), so we're both in the same boat. I look forward to working through this program and watching the transformation.  I'm really encouraged by the holistic approach you advocate DDP.  It's definitely nice to see someone acknowledge joint and back injuries create hurdles for "normal" workouts. Thanks again brother, and thanks for your generosity!

  • DiamondDallasPage

    webmindset1  Bro I developed this workout for guys and gals just like you who are beat the fuck up for having toooooo much fun... Now we're all paying the price... Enter DDP YOGA into your life... you'll never hear me call it yoga because there is no other yoga like it on the planet... DDP YOGA it's a brand to itself:) As for the  DDPmilitary discount it's been up there for years... I added the SOFREP/Wilkow  anyone who puts that up ... Half the payment will go to Valhalla . I hope this explains everything. DDP

  • ColonelProp

    First and Foremost - Welcome to SOFREP DDP! This is an amazing community....pull up a chair and hang awhile (after your DDPYoga of course....)...I am an old original SOFREP member since day one and part of the #SOFREPMafia... Here you will get opinions and information from SEALs, Delta, Rangers, Green Berets, MARSOC, AFTACP, Spooks, Polish GROM, Rhodesian SAS, Australian SAS....and that is only a small part...the list can go on for days We have regulars here that served our country as LRRP's in SE Asia (yes that's you 6 you amazing gentlemen), Marines in SE Asia and service in Rhodesia, very early class SEALs...scientists, analysts and great citizens...and many apologies if I have forgotten anybody. Thank You for your very Generous offer!!! Ever since SOFREP started I have wanted to get your workouts in for these great men who have served so well and need a little but of healthy rehab for whatever ails em....and contributing to Valhalla is blessed work...massive Great Kharma... I look forward to more great stuff - and updates! You never know...this old DDYoga user (since 2007) will drop into the chat room on Wednesday nights unannounced and give all the DDPYoga team an update on SOFREP!!! One Team, One Fight!!!!