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August 12, 2014
A Green Beret's Perspective on ISIS in Iraq

Episode 105: A Green Beret’s Perspective on ISIS in Iraq

Guest Name(s): Rich Graham

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Jack Murphy hosts this episode and gives you a very legit US Army Ranger/Green Beret’s perspective on ISIS in Iraq. Jack trained the indigenous people fighting alongside our troops over in Iraq, and has covered the terrorist group for quite some time. His insights are based on years of his own experiences.

Our very special guest is Rich Graham, former Navy SEAL and founder of Trident Fitness. Trident Fitness focuses on weight training, firearms instruction and more. Rich is especially very well-versed on kettle bells. You can check out Trident Fitness on their website or on Twitter @TriFitKB. Rich also gives his take on the Jesse Ventura lawsuit – his view is a bit different than what you might expect.

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About the Author

is an award winning radio producer who has had on-air and behind the scenes radio experience since 2006. He holds a degree in Radio from Hofstra University. He got his start at WRHU, the flagship station of The New York Islanders, where he hosted and did imaging for various shows on the platform, and for the station at large. He went on to assist in the production for Fangoria Radio working alongside legendary rock icon and host Dee Snider. Since 2008 he has been at Sirius XM both hosting shows and working on various programming including The Wilkow Majority which he still works on, as well as currently producing Senator Bill Bradley's American Voices. Ian is the producer and a host on SOFREP Radio, the #1 ranked podcast in it's category, where all things special operations are covered with Brandon Webb and Jack Murphy. He also does voiceover work for various clients along with assisting in other podcasts.

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  • LadyHW

    Looks like the Sunni tribal groups in West Iraq are offering a deal with new Iraqi PM.  At an emergency EU meeting in Brussels, the 28 member-states were left to decide individually whether they would arm Iraq's Kurds, the main opponent of IS in the north. Separately, fighting has flared up in mainly Sunni Anbar province, west of Baghdad, parts of which have been under IS control. FYI:

  • YankeePapa

    . ...Speaking of ISIS, it seems that they are threatening to kill an American preacher from Boise... in a prison in Iran...  Al Qaeda types making the same threats... odd story... . . -YP-

  • CarpeNoctem

    Good to hear from Jack again and happy he's a week away from finishing up at Columbia. Definitely something to be extremely proud of.

  • ColonelProp

    Downloading now.....

  • engelbrad

    Another great show Ian! Great intel Jack. Can't wait to hear more from you. Thanks for the grey matter on the JV suit Rich. I'm out of my lane on that subject however I'm more in the Kyle corner regardless. You had great points. I'm checking out the charity you are leading for our Vets. I know it will be effective and what an Outstanding effort!