March 11, 2014
Special Forces Martial Arts Expert Jim West

Episode 83 – White House UBL Controversy & Special Forces Martial Arts Expert Jim West Pt 2

Guest Name(s): Jim West

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Jack Murphy is hosting in studio again, and we bring back Jim West to go more in depth with his history in martial arts, including some stories from his days of fighting.  For those who didn’t catch our last show, Jim is a retired Special Forces Warrant Officer who was instrumental in bringing martial arts into the military.

We cover the controversy since the killing of Osama Bin Laden by SEAL Team Six, and discuss why have we not seen photos of the body. Jack touches on this issue, which is also the topic of his latest piece of SOFREP. We give a Throat Punch of the Week to a journalist by the name of Marc Ambinder, who needs to brush up on his research after crediting Jack as a Navy SEAL.

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  • Motleynomad

    I love pirate radio, but I had a lot of trouble hearing Jim. I gave up after 10 min. or so.  I think Murphy had an interesting point about who and why people serve in today's military. The "cover your ass" concept is no doubt in full effect!!! I wonder what happened to the good o'l days that everyone tells me about. I think some of the leadership concepts changed. As noted, this is actually somewhat of a intricate issue. I've seen people burned....some I think was fair, some I think we blown out of proportion.

  • Julesy

    webmindset1 IanDScottish Sorry, I noticed it the first time he was on several eps ago. I don't think he has an impulse to lisp when I type. lol  Pay attention to the S sounds. It's probably not noticeable when he's talking in person but on radio, IMO it's obvi.

  • d0x117testing

    Thanks for answering the "enlisted vs officer" question - it gets beat to death, but every response helps those who are torn between the two. I'm a 25 y/o college grad and have asked this question a number of times, and each answer sheds new light. I have always leaned towards going enlisted before officer, because I feel the best leaders are the ones who have previously been in the boots of those they are leading.  Your input is very much appreciated.

  • webmindset1

    shooten JulesyYou mean LiveFyre makes Ian lisp? ha ha

  • webmindset1

    IanDScottish JulesyMaybe he thinks you lisp when you type? Dude, you don't have a lisp.