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Heroes of U.S. Special Operations: Cut from the Same Cloth

Brandon-This project first started with an idea to write my next book, Lost Heroes. After attended a charity event put on by my friend Marcus Luttrell. During this event, I met several family members of fallen SEALs, they had read my first book, The Red Circle, and thanked me for sharing stories about their loved ones that would have otherwise been left untold. Instantly I knew that I had to write a book to honor my friends and teammates who have given all for America.

We were in discussions with our sponsor USAA, and their team about show concepts, and they jumped at the idea of having a show that honored American Heroes. This was how Heroes of U.S. Special Operations was born.

I was lucky enough to get a representative from all branches of US Special Operations Command, and a CIA Targeting Officer. A group like this, and the topics we discussed (September 11th, 2001 to close friends lost and how it affects us) are unprecedented. I’m proud to have made this show with such a great group of people.

Participating in the show was an experience I’ll never forget. I can’t help but think back to the show, and remembering how the overall mood of the room hovered like a thick fog among all of us.

When we started rolling film it was surreal to sit and listen to the other cast members share their personal stories of sacrifice and how these amazing heroes, in part, shaped their lives.

I’m forever grateful to Dan, Nada, Jack, Bill, my teammates, and brothers of US SOCOM who gave all.

-Brandon, former US Navy SEAL

Jack-Filming Heroes of Special Operations was an enlightening experience for me. Although Special Operations units often work in tandem as a part of larger Task Forces, it is still extremely rare for a SEAL, a Ranger, a Recon Marine, a PJ, and a CIA officer to sit down at a table and have a candid conversation. I learn a lot every time we do this and it just opens my eyes to the big picture and increases the amount of respect I have for the Special Operations community as a whole. For instance, I never worked directly with Air Force Para-Rescue troops so I never really knew what they were doing out there. Dan Lake helps flesh that out in this documentary and I’m proud of the work he did, especially knowing that the PJ’s would have gone out there to recover my remains had I been killed up in the mountains. I think filming this documentary set the bar for me as to what veteran’s day should really be about, veterans getting together to talk about their experiences and remembering those who have 100% and then some.

Jack Murphy, former US Army Ranger/SF Soldier

Dan-“Hero’s of Special Operations” A round table discussion with former members of the SOF community designed to create a video that honors fallen heroes, close friends, mentors, brothers in arms, and to thank the American people for their overwhelming and wonderful support. Participants included a Navy SEAL, Army Special Forces and Ranger, Marine Force Recon, Air Force Pararescueman and an OGA Representative. All highly specialized, trained, and equipped to defend America. The room should have been filled with testosterone and arrogance. But it wasn’t! I found their hearts were bigger than they were. Their compassion, although covered by thick skin and strong emotional control, is greater than the heavens. Their Patriotism and love for America is unwaverable. More importantly, they will give their lives for you, each other, and me. I am proud to call them my brothers! Don’t get me wrong. Many would say I’m describing a wimp or pansy. Nothing could be farther from the truth. These are men and women of great moral and ethical character who willingly go into harms way to meet the enemy face to face. They bring the fight so fiercely and intensely that it often scares the foe. They don’t do this, because they enjoy or have some hidden desire to inflict death and destruction upon a fellow human being. When this does occur, it is the result and not the means. They do this because of, and in harmony with, the buddy to their front, back, left, and right. It is a means of survival and the unspoken understanding that each will give their lives for one another. To my fallen brothers, I say: You have not gone in vain. For those who know you, or will know you through your story, you have given the greatest gifts. A memory of a hero that inspired others, lead by example, never wavered, even in the face of danger, loved life to the fullest, and loved their family even more. It is because of these, that you become part of us. Thank you brothers for these gifts. I don’t know how I can ever repay you.

Dan Lake, former USAF PJ

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