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Charlie A

I’ve had the SOFREP subscription for years, I still binge watch Inside the Team Room series every now and then. The part where Phil talks about shitting in his friends ammo pack is literally the funniest prank I’ve every heard. Still piss myself laughing just thinking about it.

Keegan Jensen

SOFREP is the first news site I check every morning. It’s the only authentic military and survival/prepper news source you can trust these days. It’s a must-have in these uncertain times especially with their new coronavirus handbook you can access via Team Room subscription!

Bill Carpenter

I recently ordered 2 “Conan” shirts. They arrived in time for Christmas and were perfect. I gave 1 to my Marine dad. You would have thought i gave him keys to the city. (he really dug the shirt) Thanks SOFREP for a timely delivery and making sure my order was correct.