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As Christmas quickly approaches, our loved ones hit us with the same question each year: “What is on your wish list?” We then dutifully assemble said list and populate it with reasonable items that we need or would like to have. For a vast majority of us, cost is usually a factor that determines whether or not a particular gun makes our list (Example: The related story below).

There is another wish list, however. A list of what we really want. Our dream list.  On this dream list are guns upon guns. And not just your everyday guns; these are epic guns that, in one way or another, make any serious shooter do a double take when they see one.

While any shooter’s dream wish list is most likely never-ending, we’ve rounded up 10 epic guns that should absolutely make the cut.

So let’s ditch the budget and any other restricting requirements and look at what we really want for Christmas!

XM556 Microgun

Described as the world’s first hand held “Microgun,” the XM556 is at the top of our ultimate wish list this year! It looks like the iconic 7.62 painfully cool minigun that is recognized by so many, but it is simply a shrunken version of it.

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