If your Father is like mine, when asked what he wants for Fathers Day, it’s either, “Nothing” or “Just some peace and quite.” We all know they have something in the back of their mind or like surprises, especially if it lines with their interest. We at the Loadout Room have compiled a list of items we believe any outdoor loving/camping enthusiast father would appreciate. If you’ve been racking your brain or forgot Fathers Day is just around the corner, hopefully we can help you find something for the new father to the old curmudgeon.

*We have reviewed these products or in the process and have a very strong feeling about their overall performance.

Nemo Dagger 3P Ultralight Roomy Backpacking Tent

10 Fathers Day Gifts For Camping

The Nemo Dagger’s trail weight, right at 4 lbs, is a pleasure to carry. One reviewer stated, “I can’t believe the packed size of this thing.” The Nemo Dagger 3P is a true three person tent with room for gear. You can normally subtract about half a person when it comes to ultralight tents – not with Nemo. Be certain, this tent will serve dad for years to come and keep it light on his shoulders for any excursion. Get this gift for your father or husband and enjoy a conduit for future adventures. The Nemo Dagger 3P Ultralight Roomy Backpacking Tent MSRP’s – 499.95.

Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed

10 Fathers Day Gifts For Camping

When it comes to comfort, sleeping bags are not the way to skimp. The Sierra Designs Backcountry bed will forever change the way your father sleeps in the backcountry. Have him rested and ready to hit the trail, cast a line, or enjoy that morning coffee without a crick in his neck.

Some of the awesome features include an integrated pad sleeve, hands-free baffled foot vent, hydrophobic down, a svelte 2 lbs in weight, and zipperless quilt. The Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed has a built-in quilt very similar to a traditional down comforter made for a bed you’d find at home. The quilt can be left tucked or untucked depending on the user’s temperature-regulation needs. Not having to deal with a snagging zipper is quite refreshing when you want to cool off, warm up, or when nature calls in the middle of the night. The Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed 800 2-Season MSRP’s – $389.95.

JetBoil MiniMo

10 Fathers Day Gifts For Camping

The JetBoil MiniMo is the perfect addition to any backpacking or camp setup. Is your dad’s still using an old finicky camp stove that needs primed and requires constant cleaning with hard to repair parts?  Get him a new stove that’s fast, compact, and efficient. With the integrated simmer control and pot support, you can fry up bacon and eggs to perfection. This one pound unit will boil water in just over two minutes to add to your favorite dehydrated meal. For the coffee drinker, he can use the french press option to have a steaming cup of joe at any time. The JetBoil MiniMo MSRP – $129.95 and is available is four different graphic options.

Go-To-Go Meals and Sea to Summit Titanium Folding Spork

10 Fathers Day Gifts For Camping

For fast, easy, and absolutely delicious meals in a package, its hard to beat GOOD-TO-GO dehydrated meals. Then gourmet meets dehydrated foods, you get meals that knock it out of the park like Herbed Mushroom Rissoto and Thai Curry. If your father wants more from his meals and stays on the healthy side, he’ll love these made in Maine, USA flavor concoctions. GOOD-TO-GO meals MSRP – $6.50-10.75. The Sea To Summit Titanium Folding Spork rounds it out and makes sure your dad’s never without a utensil. The ultralight and compact design make it too easy to not take on any adventure or excursion. The Sea To Summit sport MSRP – $16.95 and fits easily within any camp-stove setup.

Work Sharp Honors Dads with Father’s Day Special

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YETI Hopper 20 Cooler

10 Fathers Day Gifts For Camping

The YETI Hopper 20 has a 4.6-gallon capacity and is constructed of 840-denier DryHide fabric, similar to the material used in whitewater rafts. The HydroLok Zipper is fully waterproof. No matter the contents this thing will stay water and air tight. ColdCell Insulation keeps beverages and food cold. The shoulder strap makes the Hopper 20 a very comfortable carry. This is a perfect addition to any car camping setup, boating adventure, fishing trip, or short jaunt into the wilderness. Beer, bacon, and eggs – yes please. The YETI Hopper 20 MSRPs – $299.99.

UST StrikeForce Fire Starter

10 Fathers Day Gifts For Camping

The UST StrikeForce Fire Starter not only offers a very robust striker and ferro rod, but also provides a small compartment to store sure-fire tinder. The case is designed to give you a very strong and secure grip, which comes in handy during inclement weather. This all-in-one fire starter is ideal for the minimalist father, but still wants to have a 100-percent-guaranteed way of starting a fire. The UST StrikeForce Fire Starter MSRPs – $24.99.

Woodman’s Pal

10 Fathers Day Gifts For Camping

For making kindling, clearing out a spot for a tent, or general badassery around camp, your dad will appreciate the versatility and craftsmanship of the Woodman’s Pal. The hooked blade is perfect for turning logs in the fire or ripping smaller pieces of wood. MSRP – $67.56. On sale now with a special 20% off Fathers Day special.

Hydro Flask True Pint

10 Fathers Day Gifts For Camping

The Hydro Flask True Pint has copious features packed into its simple design. Not only will it keep dad’s beverage crisp around camp, but anywhere an ice-cold drink is wanted. The stainless steel construction is rugged and perfect for sitting around a campfire or enjoying a cold beverage on the river’s edge. MSRP – $21.99.

Leadslingers’ Whiskey

10 Fathers Day Gifts For Camping

What better way for your father to relax around a fire, than enjoy the smooth bite of Leadslingers’ Whiskey. Leadslingers’ Whiskey is produced by seven combat veterans, from the US Army Rangers, USAF TACP, Special Forces, and Paratrooper communities. Their love for America and fine whiskey, is what the company is all about. They wanted to craft a whiskey that was enjoyable and unrepentantly supported the Second Amendment.

Leadslingers’ Whiskey is smooth and fairly light. It is perfect for a gentlemen’s wind down after a long day of doing man shit. Enjoy it on ice with a cigar, or mix it with coke, we promise we haven’t cut corners on the quality of this whiskey. — Jared Taylor, patriot and general dude of awesomeness