If there’s one thing in your EDC you make sure to have when you step out the door, it’s your keychain. That makes it a great place to include the EDC essentials that you’ll need in a pinch. It’s a convenient way to maximize your carry while keeping things as small and light as what’s on your keychain. However, some keychain tools can be bulky and awkwardly shaped, which takes away from their utility overall. You can avoid this tradeoff by sticking to tools that are designed to fit right in with the rest of your keys instead. In this guide, we’ll show you our favorite key-sized (and key-shaped) EDC tools and essentials.

10 Key-Shaped EDC Essentials

Everyman Porter Key Knife

This is Everyman’s take on a portable EDC folding knife that fits on your keychain. Use the knife to open letters and boxes, and the bottle opener to crack open a drink when you’ve got the time.

10 Key-Shaped EDC Essentials

Swiss+Tech Utili-Key 6-in-1 Multitool

This tool is very popular in the EDC community, and with how versatile it is it’s easy to see why. In about the same size and shape of a standard key, you get a flathead and Phillips screwdriver, a precision screwdriver, a combo edge knife, and a bottle opener to round out its toolset.  The tool easily detached from your keychain too when you open it, making this one convenient EDC favorite.

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