When you think of an office, you might picture a shiny wooden desk with a computer and plenty of space. Unfortunately, that’s a luxury not all EDCers have when you’re on the go, so you have to make do with your surroundings. The best desk might be whatever space you can manage, from your lap on the subway to the counter of your local coffee shop. Both can get the job done when you’re finishing up that homework assignment or banging out that work presentation that’s due in 20 minutes, but you can still EDC some gear that’ll make working remotely a little more painless. In this guide we’ll recommend some tools that will make it easier to get things done when you need to, wherever that may be.

10 Mobile Office EDC Essentials

DSPTCH Tech Messenger Bag

DSPTCH is no stranger to producing quality, purpose-driven bags for the urban EDCer. Their 20L Tech Messenger is a great option for getting your work essentials from point A to point B, setting up, and getting things done. A single chest-strap makes it easy to swing the bag around and grab what you need while on the go, while its freestanding design lets you conveniently prop it up at your desk for at-a-glance access. A padded laptop compartment for a 15” laptop and multiple storage pockets make it a great bag to hold your mobile workstation.

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