HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The World War I soldier endured bitter cold, poison gas, enemy snipers and a grueling fight from the trenches.

The U.S. joined the Allies in 1917, making this year a big one for the WWI Centennial and a fitting time to honor the doughboys.

Here are our picks for must-haves on the battlefield in WWI, as described by retired Army Lt. Col. Ed Kennedy, a volunteer with the U.S. Veterans Memorial Museum here in Huntsville.

1. Model 1918 Trench Knife. Big blade, with brass knuckles. This bad boy was considered a versatile trench weapon for close-combat fighting.

2. Trench periscope. Used by both sides, this device prevented head-shots from enemy snipers who frequently fired at anybody who went above the trench parapet.
10 must-haves for the World War I infantryman – and one piece of junk

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Photos courtesy of Tony Lombardo