There are a lot of people who talk the talk, but very few walk the walk. Enter Leo Jenkins. He’s a veteran of 3rd Ranger Battalion who has deployed multiple times as a special operations medic, and even been awarded for valor. He went on to leave the service and eventually be attached to a DEA FAST team, where he again deployed to Afghanistan as their team medic. Not enough to impress you yet? He went on to start and sell five different gyms, compete professionally as both a triathlete and in CrossFit, and then sell or donate all of his earthly possessions so that he could travel the world and publish his fourth book. Yeah, that’s right, FOURTH book.

First Train Out Of Denver, his latest attempt at the art of prose after authoring Lest We Forget and On Assimilation, and co-authoring Violence of Action, is equal parts travel-adventure and philosophy. It chronicles a journey that saw him hitchhiking, hopping coal trains, and driving a van he bought virtually sight unseen off Craigslist. Oh, and he did it all while traversing five different continents. Why did I choose to interview him for ReadyMan though? He is a model of the self-sustaining lifestyle. He is always prepared. He is always ready. He relies on no one but himself; yet is still empathetic enough to buy the homeless guy on the corner a pizza and share his life’s adventure with his beautiful Fiancé Lauren.

You are a well-traveled guy, can you tell us the best place you have been to ‘get away from it all’?

That depends on whether you are a cold weather guy or a warm weather guy. My two favorite places have been the Yukon province in Northern Canada and Baja, Mexico.

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