1)  Learn to play a musical instrument
There is something magic in music. Regardless if it is jazz or rock or country or blues or mariachi. It doesn’t matter if it’s the flute, the drums, guitar, or xylophone. Music unites people. Music is a language in and of itself. Learning an instrument is also frustrating as all hell! Great musicians make it look easy but it takes a great deal of patients to arrive at that point. Mastering the piano is a life’s work; It takes a calm commitment. These are the types of things that sharpen your accord.

2)  Learn a foreign language
Language is one of the key differentiating features of culture. Learning another nation’s language is more than memorizing a series of words, it is the act of embracing their heritage. It shows that you are a human being that cares about other human beings, regardless of your cultural differences. Additionally, learning a foreign language makes a few of the other items on this list much easier to accomplish.

3)  Get in a fight
Tyler Durden said it best in Fight Club: “How much can you know about yourself if you’ve never been in a fight?” Now I’m not sure that my father (The man we tend to measure all other men by) has ever been in a fist fight. But he has stood his ground a time or two. I’m not talking about an argument with the misses. I’m talking about digging in, getting rooted and preparing for a war. His fight was over custody for my sisters and me. These moments test our resolve. They let us know that we have power in the world and that our force is one to be recognized. Also, knowing that you can take a punch in the face and stay standing is a massive confidence builder.

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