In this article we will look at concealed carry lifestyle, training, and practices that can help you to achieve good concealment habits and mastery of the art of concealed carry of a pistol.

My recommendation that you attend a course on carrying a concealed pistol that allows you to use all or most of your various concealment gear and garments. While attending a training course you will be able to get feedback on your concealment techniques. After the course, continue to train on your own and with others with similar training, to master both concealment and access.

Have someone watch you while you are concealed, the person assisting you should have similar training and understand how you may accidentally expose your pistol. If you are out in public when doing this it would be wise to have a prearranged signal for them to indicate to you that your weapon system has been exposed. This type of feedback may help you to avoid future problems.

Evaluate your personal attire for concealment, as well as comfortable carry. This may amount to trying on various types of garments, belts, and gear to determine what works and does not. Never carry concealed in public without ensuring that you have a system that works.

Locations to perform checks and rearrange you gear:

Locked room – Bedroom, office, single bathroom, etc.

Restroom stalls – It is recommended to have a plan for this and avoid very public restrooms, especially those with stalls that are open on the bottom and may or may not have doors.

Inside Vehicle – Look around first before you start arranging your gear. This will include looking for people in your immediate area and beyond. Also be aware that when in public parking areas you could be on a security camera that could be monitored.

Dressing Room – Look for those that are completely in closed and do not have one-way viewing glass or hidden cameras.

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