Whether you’ve been hitting the books hard these last few months at school or putting in work at the office, you’re probably feeling like your next vacation can’t come soon enough. With spring right around the corner, now’s the time to treat yourself to a little break (or at least start planning for one). And as relaxing as a quick vacation can be, all the travel involved usually isn’t. That is, unless you’ve got a proper travel bag to make the trips go smoothly.

For a weekend away (or even longer), traditional luggage is usually way too large and sacrifices versatility for capacity. Good luck trying to stuff a giant roller into the overhead compartment. Sometimes, a more nimble sling or duffel bag are better options for quick trips thanks to their light weight and just-right capacity.

And while you might not use it every day, a good travel bag should still live up to the expectations you set for your EDC gear. Build quality should be top notch and it should have a unique feature or two that fits perfectly into how you carry. Sure, you could get dedicated travel luggage, but you might find it more worthwhile to opt for an EDC-friendly pack that you can take on your travels too.

Whether you’re going to be spending your break outdoors or exploring a new city, you’ll find some great bag ideas in this guide to get you started.

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