If you know anything about Hurricane, it’s that we are fans of Clint Emerson and his 100 Deadly Skills book. Clint Emerson is a retired Navy SEAL who founded the Violent Nomad concept and wrote a book detailing 100 Deadly Skills every Violent Nomad should have. One thing that’s always stuck is the interesting art Clint uses to illustrate his deadly skills. The art style is somewhere between a classic Army Field Manual and a modern graphic novel.

100 Deadly Skills poster: Reclaim your space

The Illustrations makes it possible to visualize and utilize the 100 Deadly Skills. A picture is worth a thousand words right? Now you can reclaim your space with Crate Club’s exclusive 100 Deadly Skills poster. We’ve chosen our top four favorite skills for our Crate Club exclusive poster.

These specific skills are not politically correct and they aren’t for a shivering snowflake. They feature truly deadly skills, and can even be illegal to perform. Although, knowledge weighs nothing, and these skills aren’t for your garage on a Saturday. They are for potentially deadly situations where you have to choose between life and death and not breaking the law.

100 Deadly Skills poster: Reclaim your space

The Four Deadly Skills

The Four Skills included are,

  • No 27 How to Make a Silencer
  • No 29 Turn a Pen Into a Weapon
  • No 43 How to Pick a Lock
  • No 65 Deliver a Devastating Elbow Strike

Besides looking amazing in any Home Office, Bar, study or gun room the poster does have a degree of usefulness to it. You can learn through repetition. Seeing the same poster everyday, day in and day out will have an impact on you. Seeing the skills over and over will force you to memorize and study them without even realizing it.

Lets say you stumble into a violent situation, maybe you freeze or maybe you remember that pen you have will absolutely brutal when jammed into a man’s head. Or maybe you remember that the strength from throwing an elbow comes for rotating the hips and core.

100 Deadly Skills poster: Reclaim your space

Hopefully not, but its something to think about.

*Originally published on the Crate Club Knowledgebase

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