This is one hundred plus skills, skill sets and life methods to become a masterful man. A man enhanced, evolved and above the rest.

Situational Awareness // There’s existing then there’s living, do the same with sensing. Hone your ability to perceive your immediate surroundings at all times using all your senses. Turn off cruise control and start driving.

Psychology // At minimum, a basic but practical and fundamental understanding of the way our minds work and behave. This not only helps you know yourself better but the rest of the human race.

Hunting // One of man’s oldest and most vital life skills. Although not as relevant to survival in modern times, the ability to hunt still has a place and usefulness in our lives. We are after all, on top of the food chain.

Story Telling // At an uncrowded pub, riding an overnight train, lounging on the beach or in front of a campfire, a good story is a hell of a lot better than arguing about politics.

Mixology // At least one or two drinks… Know how to perfectly mix them, with style.

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