I’m not going to try to church this up, there is a lot of negative crap on the internet. A LOT. I don’t know about you, but I personally hold disdain for the community of self proclaimed professional trolls lurking in the dark shadows of my internet machine. You know exactly who I am talking about. The sweaty neck, basement dwellers slingling pithy digital insults like monkey poo across a secure server. Their profound pessimism can turn an otherwise sweet sunny day into a bitter blizzard.

Sure, my boots aren’t always clean. Sometimes I too unintentionally wade into the sloppy sanctimonious sludge of negative narrative on the intrawebs. When I start sinking too deep I look to left of my screen and find a life line. A group of outdoor enthusiasts like myself, focused on embracing the energy of the outdoors and emphasising the power of community. I caught up with the founder of 1020 Outfitters to find out more about what is driving the early success of their adventure community.

What is 1020 Outfitters?

To consider 1020 as just another brand that sells outdoor apparel is too blasé. The main focus has always been community. 1020 is about people coming together who share the same goals, and the same endeavors. We are a congregation of weekend warriors escaping the daily grind, the rat race, the urban jungle. It just so happens we have some awesome shirts and caps too.

1020 Outfitters Interview: What's Your Location?

What does the name mean?

10-20 is radio transmission code for “What’s your location?” For us, however, it’s more than just inquiring where your physical location is. 1020 isn’t just about where you are physically, but where you are in life. It is a question that makes you reflect on your life goals.

How is 1020 different from other outdoor apparel brands?

We aren’t pushing specific products to anyone. We don’t have a specific inventory with a specific marketing strategy intended to sell to a specific target audience. We are people with a common denominator who share adventure stories, congregate, and experience more adventures, which in turn become stories to share to others who want to be part of our community. At this point, we are not a product-specific brand.

1020 Outfitters Interview: What's Your Location?


Where did the idea for 1020 come from?

We were always thinking about the weekend warrior attitude. The idea didn’t just switch on instantaneously like a light bulb. It was gradual. We conjured it slowly while working at our day jobs, being part of the rat race, wondering how we can get away from it all.

How long has 1020 been around?

A year so far, and we plan to be around for a very long time.

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What are some memorable adventures that you have been a part of with 1020?

Many of us have families so our initial adventures started with simply getting the family out of the suburbs. For us, we upgraded to an Adventure Van large enough to fit a family and all the adventure gear that comes with them. This has lead to us taking hiking trips around San Diego, exploring in Anza Borrego State Park, camping in Sequoia National Forest, Stand Up Paddle board (SUP) events at Canyon Lake and to the So-Cal Mountain Rendezvous in Big Bear by American Adventurist. We also have a ten day exploration planned to Alaska, at the end of this month.

1020 Outfitters Interview: What's Your Location?

Why is what you are doing important? 

A lot of people lose themselves in the daily grind, they lose sight of where they are, and the things they hold dear. Life is not about the concrete jungle. Life is not about the rat race. Sure, we make a living 9-to-5, but are we truly living? 1020 reminds everyone that life can be one adventure after another, one great story after the next. So many people need this reminder, and we’re here to give anyone who wants it the opportunity to truly experience the meaning of living. We live by the motto “SUPPORT, INSPIRE and MOTIVATE”.

How can more people get involved?

Right now, they can follow us on Instagram @1020outfitters. We also have two Facebook communities: one that’s public-facing “10-20 Outfitters”, and another secret one that’s by-invite only. 


Bottom line, this is a great group to look into if you are looking for like minded people to share positive experiences with. Regardless if you are interested in shooting, kayaking, camping, hiking, stand up paddle board, or any other myriad of outdoor adventure activity. Just come with your best attitude, this group has a strict no negative nancy policy!